Gorgeous Bottom Benjamin King Finally Returns

It’s been over a year since we’ve seen handsome British bottom Benjamin King and his beautiful blue eyes in a studio scene, a long and arduous absence for us fans who have been thirsting for more of his stunning body.

I mean, have a look at this man…

Benjamin King Benjamin King

We first saw Benjamin in a studio scene when he debuted at Timtales riding the big dick of Tim Kruger, and then last August he returned to the studio to get his pretty face creamed by the big dick of Diego Mattos. Both scenes had me drooling just watching his face and body as he got fucked, but we had to check out his fan site content if we wanted to see more of him. Until now!

Manuel Skye, Benjamin King

Manuel Skye, Benjamin King

Benjamin is finally back, making his CockyBoys debut in a paring with the always superlative and sensual Manuel Skye—who smiles when he recalls being turned on seeing Benjamin’s work, jacking off to it. The two smile as they chat (those accents!), then kiss as they explore each other’s bodies.

Manuel Skye, Benjamin King Manuel Skye, Benjamin King

The foreplay here is so hot, with Manuel licking Benjamin’s nipples—then working up some precum to rub on the bottom’s nipple, a huge strand connecting his cock to Benjamin’s pec (how fucking hot is this?!). Manuel then whips his dick on the jock’s chest, making a hot thud.

Manuel Skye, Benjamin King Manuel Skye, Benjamin King

Benjamin gets his mouth stretched wide as he slurps Manuel’s meat, gobs of spit falling from his mouth. The sub gets his smooth hole munched in a hot 69 (where he deep throats Manuel), then gets pounded deep and hard in a hot fuck. So much passion and connection here, an extremely hot scene (but my one minor gripe is that Benjamin’s jockstrap stays on almost the entire time, and we don’t see his cock till the end).

Welcome back, Benjamin…please give us more studio scenes soon (I can’t wait another year!).

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


3 thoughts on “Gorgeous Bottom Benjamin King Finally Returns”

  1. Big muscular handsome Benjamin King looks like a bigger version of beautiful Dean Young and like Dean he seems to be a cock hungry bottom and that’s a real good thing.

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