Gorgeous UK Bottom & His Girthy Dick Make Studio Debut

Well hello there Lee, you handsome Englishman with the muscular alabaster body, great smile and thick uncut Brit dick! Where have you been all this time?!

We’re betting Lee also has an amazing accent, but it’s hard to tell because when he’s getting his face or hole stuffed deep by the big daddy dick of Tim Kruger, he’s just trying to catch his breath. You may be familiar with this mustachioed hunk from his OnlyFans work, where he’s showed off his throbbing body and cock (including those very low hanging balls…yes please!)—and his skills, including getting one hell of a face fuck from Sir Peter…



Now the hunk is making his studio debut, and he starts by slurping on that big dick that Tim shoves in his face. I love when daddy grabs the sucker by the ears and fucks his face, the camera placed below the action so we can see that shaft and the sucker’s hot bod the whole time. And Lee’s beautiful brown eyes sparkle when he looks up at Tim with a mouthful of cock.

Tim Kruger, Lee

Tim Kruger, Lee

Tim Kruger, Lee

Then the bottom bends over and takes it, and the best sequence by far finds him on his back, the camera above him. We get to see his tight body clench up, and a great view of his pits when he puts his hands behind his head to show off his full frame. Even hotter, he stares at Tim, smiling and nodding as he takes that cock. The two also get nice and grindy when Lee takes it from behind, the bottom showing off his pits again as he leans back into Tim to feel the top’s body against him. Then we get to see his own girthy rod when he jacks out a load to add to the mess on his smooth body, the sub slurping on Tim’s cum-soaked cock some more.

Tim Kruger, Lee Tim Kruger, Lee

Tim Kruger, Lee

What do you think of this UK cutie?

See the full scene at Timtales!


14 thoughts on “Gorgeous UK Bottom & His Girthy Dick Make Studio Debut”

  1. YES! When i see any guy getting his ears pulled /stretched out as handles with a cock down his throat it’s all I need. Why is it so rare?

  2. Definitely, hairy blonds and redheads will always have had a crazy effect on me… – and if in addition they have great instruments of love, that’s an extreme plus for me and my desire/fantasy … (if you know what I mean…)

  3. He doesn’t need to be perfect. He’s cute enough, has a sweet body & doesn’t mind getting fucked on camera… I want to see more of him!

  4. Universal Potentate

    This dude can’t deep throat to save his life.
    If he lost the errant body hair and the Hitler stache, he’d be cute to look at.
    There needs to be a porn groomer to help these actors have the right look and skill set.

    1. That haircut is not hiding his hairline either. If you have bald-assed inner thighs from wearing skinny jeans then clean that shit up all the way around. I think I need to grab my clippers and wax and come out of retirement and show these boys what a real groomer is. I mean if you’re going to shave your pubes and ass crack blend that shit into your hairy assed thighs.

      Tim should have hired this guy, oh wait it’s him

  5. Gorgeous? Meh. I mean if you’re into getting head from Freddie Mercury on a bad hair day. The hottest part is when Tim grabs him by those very British jug ears and uses them as facefuck handles.

    1. Surprised at all the hate going towards this guy. He’s very cute in that pale, big-eared British way. Reminds me a bit of Josh O’Connor. Nice if you like the type . . . And I do!

      1. No hate, just disagreeing with the author’s description and adding a little humor. (See my other comment with a pic of Lee for just how sexy he can be.) I wouldn’t call Russell Tovey gorgeous but he’s sexy as hell in that big-eared pasty skinned British way. God Save The Queen

      2. Universal Potentate

        The issue is that he is hot. He just needs a little help. He’s like base form Goku and we’re trying to make him super!

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