grab him by the mussy

“Grab Him By The Mussy”

The hot blonde becomes the latest c̶u̶m̶ ̶d̶u̶m̶p̶ Trump dump for the frat house deplorables.

Duct tape, high-fives, gang bangs, and breed the bitch until he leaks.

Nope, not a Trump rally.

It’s morning at The Fraternity X house.

And the boys are going the full Donald.

grab him by the mussy“It was 11am on a Monday. We were wrecked and horny. Perfect time to make a vid for the site. This blonde dude was walking around the house in his boxers. Looking all pretty and shit. So we grabbed him by the mussy. Ripped his boxers off. I shoved my dick in his young tight ass. Told him to shut up and take it. We all pounded that ass out.” ~FratBoy

grab him by the mussyIt is as raw as a Trump rally.

grab him by the mussyAnd likewise, I am sure some of the participants don’t think things go far enough.

grab him by the mussyBut don’t tell that to blondie’s hole. It’s filled to capacity and spilling over into the cheap seats.

[Watch “Grab Him By The Mussy” at Fraternity X]

Do the recent rape culture conversations affect how you turned on — or off — you are to sites like this?

3 thoughts on ““Grab Him By The Mussy””

  1. I keep my eye on their uploads and I feel like they tape them all within 2 weeks. If feels like the same scenario over and over again. It is kinda boring.

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