Guess The Taints?

To be honest, there’s no way you’ll be able to guess who these amazing taints belong to unless you’ve already seen the full photo set. So, don’t even bother trying. Here’s the answer.

The delicious taints (or “grundles,” depending on which term for the male genitalia separating the anus and the balls you prefer) belong to Corbin Fisher’s Sean (l) and Dawson (r). Dawson has been whoring it up on since before the internet even existed, but he still looks OK, considering. Sean, on the other hand, is brand new and is cordially invited to rape me until I am dead.

Also, a few months ago I complained about the double standard of Corbin Fisher filming bisexual scenes without condoms while almost always filming gay scenes with condoms, but it looks like I spoke too soon. In today’s update, Dawson appears to ride Sean’s cock condom free (at least for a few minutes). So, it seems everyone–gay, straight, bi, male, female–gets to partake in bareback anal sex at Corbin Fisher. Equality for all!

[Corbin Fisher]


14 thoughts on “Guess The Taints?”

  1. Do people actually call that particular area the “grundle” – really? My delicate sensibilities are horrified.

  2. Is anyone really buying Dawson is a college guy anymore?
    Sean I heartily approve of and he’s welcome to do naughty things to me also.

    1. Collage Guy? Fuck I don’t buy that him of Lucas are even straight anymore! They’ve both been on that site on a regular basis for 5-6 years at the very least and have both taken it up the ass more times than I have in a lifetime…

  3. BB can be so dangerous….Why does gay porn continue to promote it? Sure you can get sti/hiv tests, but what if you have it and pass it along before you get a positive/negative? revolting practice.

    1. It out sells condom porn 10 to 1. Even if these studios take all the precautions necessary to protect these boys it’s still a giant risk to them – it’s no longer JUST about the models. It’s what committing this sexy act to camera says to everyone and anyone who watches it on a subliminal level: that sex can only be at it’s hottest if it’s bare. NO TRUE! For instance, Ben Andrews and I fucked all night once (off camera) and used condoms the entire time. One of my favorite hook ups even to this day! The point I’m making is . . . These studios will rake it in ever more than they did before without even considering the impact it will have on the community. They’ll post disclaimers but images have a more profound influence on a person than words!

      1. Porn is a fantasy, not real life. I don’t want to see condoms in porn because in my fantasy life, I wouldn’t be using condoms.

      2. Its revolting, Brent. Risking your life just for slightly more sales…Look what happened to Mason Wyler.
        As a performer, you have a responsibility to take a stand. If you don’t, then your part of the problem.

        Money =/= Risk.

    2. The bottom line is that asking any business to do something for the good of it’s community or it’s workers is a sucker’s bet. The tools of social opprobrium, financial loss, and legal scrutiny have to be used. The first isn’t working, the second isn’t a factor, and the third skirts the edges of first amendment issues.

      I wonder if health-minded porn guys might see fit to unionize. Hmm.

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