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Hairy Hector’s Charm School

“I know that I have a very thick dick and it could be painful, so I always like to start slowly, and then when everything is going good I could go faster.” ~Sean Cody Hector

That delicious pate of fur wraps right around the front and reunites on his furry ass.

And the fact that his ass gets some screen time is just one of the many charms Hector bring today.

Add to that his fat dick, a sexy accent, and the confidence to list exactly those qualities that turn him on in a man, and we have a man to make this Monday a hot one. And hopefully soon, some Thursdays and Saturdays as well.

hairy hector sean cody“I used to be straight, I had [a] girlfriend. Then I became bisexual, then mostly gay. I am mostly attracted to men,” Hector tells us. He also tells us he’s most attracted to guys who are like him, “sex addicts”.

hairy hector sean codyAnd while he does have that same dark hair and beard combo we’ve seen with the past two Monday men, Hector is a walking billboard of an otter – and that’s something I don’t ever recall seeing at Sean Cody. “Con pelos mejor,” as Hector would say. That means “hairy is better.” And that means I agree.

hairy hector sean codyThis is not a perfunctory Monday solo. It’s equal parts travelogue of Hector’s first time in California as it is a video of his first time in front of a camera. It also bucks a trend of late where Mr. Camara Man had been inserting their agenda be it unwarranted color-commentary or personal preferences into the scene. Today, they just let it unfold. And that’s “mas mejor” (much better) as well.

hairy hector sean codyI am also delighted to report the filming takes in the total package that is Hector with a good mix of shots and both of his blasts are captured perfectly.

How soon will he be back? That I am not sure of. But whenever that is, I am sure of one thing: it won’t be soon enough.

[Watch Hector at Sean Cody]

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