“’Hakuna Truvada’ Ain’t No Passing Craze!”

Todrick Hall, Daniel Franzese, and the city of West Hollywood channel the “gay white way” in a pro-PrEP and testing PSA.

Truvada whores on the left, PrEP deniers (yes, Michael Weinstein & the AHF, this means you) on the right with many other factions of the gay community feeling left out of the messaging. That no longer includes the Broadway boys or hopeless romantics.

Along with Todrick Hall and Daniel Franzese, opera singer Kory DeSoto and RPDR’s Willam also appear in this video, made in partnership with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Todrick is pondering whether he should take his new boyfriend’s word about his HIV status and is “looking for a sign” when “Hakuna Truvada! What a wonderful phrase!” starts the festivities. Said festivities include a “PrEP talk,” the importance of health screenings and ends with Hall taking an HIV test.

PrEP and condoms are not mutually exclusive. No matter which protocol(s) you choose, make an informed decision and get tested regularly to make sure they are working for you. Taking care of your own health “ain’t no passing craze” either.

For the purists out there, the original “Hakuna Matata” from “The Lion King” …


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