Leo Rosso, Bastian Karim

Have You Ever Sucked Dick In A Movie Theater?

Have you ever given into temptation in an empty movie theater? What is the furthest you’ve ever gone while in a theater? While in a drive-in? Have you ever sucked cock while watching a movie? Have you ever jacked off your partner? Have you ever gotten your ass blasted while Meryl Streep delivered an Oscar-worthy performance?

The newest MenAtPlay scene features Leo Rosso and Bastian Karim in a tiny, empty theater. It doesn’t take long for these men to stop paying attention to the film and start whipping out their hard cocks. They start slobbering all over each other’s meat and performing some hot, bareback action right on their bright red chairs.

So now we have to ask – what’s the furthest you’ve ever gone while in a theater? Answer our perverted polls below and let us know your hot theater stories down in the comments! After you’re done with that, don’t forget to watch this entire scene over on MenAtPlay.

Leo Rosso, Bastian Karim

Leo Rosso, Bastian Karim

Leo Rosso, Bastian Karim

Want more theater action? Watch this entire scene over at MenAtPlay!


10 thoughts on “Have You Ever Sucked Dick In A Movie Theater?”

  1. Yes I have quite a few times, it really turns me on. I voted full on anal because I have fucked in an empty, regular cinema and shot my load on numerous occasions, and I love it. I’ll do it all again, and again so if anyone wants to hook up for some risky, cinema daytime sex fun, then hit me up. I love it.

  2. Yeah, the first time there was only one guy in the theater (a porn theater in an ABS) sitting in the middle of the back row. I went back and sat down and watched him for a while, then moved closer… in fact right next to him. Since he didn’t object, I reached over and rubbed his thigh. When he seemed OK with that, I went to my knees in front of him and started undoing his pants, and as soon as I got his dick out, I started sucking.
    While I was busy with a cock in my mouth, another guy came in and sat down next to him and got his cock out, so I alternated sucking until they both came in my mouth, then noticed that yet another guy was standing in the aisle at the end of the row with his pants down and a hard cock, so I went over and sucked him off in the aisle.
    Since then I’ve sucked lots of guys in theaters, often three at a time, and everywhere including right in front under the movie screen.

  3. Does Drive-Thru count?
    Because if it does then yeah, full-on anal… been there done that and I got the burger to prove it too!

  4. Nope, but I want to so bad!!!

    Ever since seeing Darius Ferdynand in Cine-X- I can’t stop thinking about it!!!

    I need it so bad!!!

    Specifically been shaving down there so there won’t be a hair when it’ll finally get sucked and I get lots loads more than just blowjobbed.

      1. Universal Potentate

        Can we skip to “full-on anal”? I haven’t gotten that badge at the movies yet (and I don’t think Netflix counts).

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