Travis Connor, Gabriel Clark

Heads or Tails: Which Side of 6’4″ Travis Connor Is Your Favorite?

He’s 6-foot-4. Over 230 pounds of vein-popping muscle. Killer eyes. An 8-inch cock. And absolutely delicious cakes. Travis Connor makes quite the impression in his very first scene for the Falcon|NakedSword family!

We first saw Travis last year at, showing off his versatility and leaving us wanting more. A lot more. Now the muscular Canadian stud with the shaved head and the big dick is back, and looking fuzzier than when we last saw him, in the newest scene from Raging Stallion’s Fuck Me Fast & Furious.

Travis Connor, Gabriel Clark
Travis Connor, Gabriel Clark

Here he plays a mechanic (cause, you know, sexy) who catches Gabriel Clark (making his Raging Stallion debut) sabotaging his team’s race car (watching him shove Gabriel against the car is enough to give me a boner). To escape Travis’ wrath, Gabriel drops to his knees in the middle of his rival’s auto shop and starts servicing his long cock and meaty ass. (If this pair looks familiar, it should: We saw these two naked together before at Masqulin last year).

Travis Connor, Gabriel Clark Travis Connor, Gabriel Clark

Gabriel gets lost between his muscle cheeks before standing up to bareback the 6’4″ blue collar stud. The hottest sequence is the sit-down fuck, where Travis’ big hard dick bounces up and down like crazy as he rides. Once on his back, Gabriel’s uncut cock slides in and out of Travis as the grunting bottom commands Gabriel to fuck his ass harder—so the top slams the accelerator and goes full speed until he’s pulling out to blow all over Travis’ hairy muscles.

Travis Connor, Gabriel Clark

Travis Connor, Gabriel Clark

The cum-covered bottom then blasts out a thick mess as Gabriel toys with his used hole and leans down to lick up all of his loose seed.

Which side of Travis would you go for first?

See the full scene at Raging Stallion!


8 thoughts on “Heads or Tails: Which Side of 6’4″ Travis Connor Is Your Favorite?”

  1. These comments…tsk. Anyway, he’s super hot. Love a versatile man. Though why was his twitter account suspended?

    1. Pretty sure that my tongue massage of his prostrate would convince Travis to fuck me. . .and we could flip if he insisted.

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