Heads or Tails: Which Side of Nick Do You Wanna Lick?

Any time I see Nick Floyd‘s name in a scene, I get excited to see what fun positions he’s going to work himself into. He’s dazzled us with his legs behind his head as he gets fucked multiple times, from full-on flexible (and again, and again!)  to partially flexible.

In his new scene with Devin Franco (who we just saw welcome hot jock Jake Klerin back to the business), we get a nice display of standing flexibility—but not before Devin helps himself to that hot hole, munching Nick over the sofa (also, do y’all remember when Devin was a total bottom?!).

Nick Floyd, Devin Franco Nick Floyd, Devin Franco

Nick Floyd, Devin Franco

Nick then extends his legs and balances himself on the front of the couch as Devin fucks him doggy over it. They take a break so the top can show the bottom some love by sucking his dick (dear lord does Nick have a hot tight body, and I love those tan lines…I can’t decide if his front or backside is more appetizing!). Devin pounds him missionary over the couch, Nick’s dick nice and plump as he takes it.

Nick Floyd, Devin Franco Nick Floyd, Devin Franco

Nick Floyd, Devin Franco

We then take another oral break (I love how this scene mixes things up a little) as Nick gets on his knees to feast on Devin’s rock-hard cock, taking it nice and deep—with great closeups showing off that sizable schlong. Nick then takes it from behind against a chair, his own dick bobbing up and down with each thrust. Then we get to see his flexibility as he stands up and lifts his leg across Devin’s body as the top continues to pound him, a position that makes his already amazing ass pop even more off the screen. The top fucks a load out of Nick, who then takes a hot facial.

Which side of Nick do you wanna lick first?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


35 thoughts on “Heads or Tails: Which Side of Nick Do You Wanna Lick?”

  1. Every grumpy bitch up in here does not have a date for Valentine’s Day.

    P.S. Your mother does not count and your cousin only counts in Alabama.

    P.P.S. Your brother counts if you film it

      1. Umm… Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday. We’re going to the Catskills ahead of the 3 day weekend to go snowboarding. What are your plans? New hip?

          1. Universal Potentate

            He is though. Some people are successful and like gay porn.
            Sorry if you didn’t realize that.

      1. My mom died in 2018 and I’m proud to say I was there “changing her diapers” as you so eloquently put it in her final days in home hospice. RIP Mom

  2. Listen to all your haters here. My my what hypocrites. Why don’t every one of you send pics of yourself. Let the world see who’s judging these porn stars. Probably not a good idea, right. Pathetic you are.

  3. This synopsis lauds Nick Floyd too much. Admittedly I have not always been a Devin Franco fan, I think he deserves a brighter spotlight than Nick for this scene.

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