Dato Foland, Jack Harrer, or Hector de Silva?

Three of the hottest brunettes in Europe all have had a crack at one of the hottest blondes. But who cracked him better?

Dato Foland. Jack Harrer. Hector de Silva. Darius Ferdynand. Individually, each of these men is a living wet dream.

It’s been a long, hot summer. Each of the sexy, smoldering brown haired hunks exhibited some blond ambition.

But which one makes you CockYourVote?

We’re starting
with Darius and Dato Foland in “Sense 8 : A Gay XXX Parody Part 4” from Men.com
hector de silva dato foland darius ferdynand
Something began with “Tarzan” and continued with “Sense 8”. Yes, Men.com is finally figuring that a gay porn parody doesn’t need costumes that never come off. It needs hot men having hotter sex. Men don’t come much hotter than this. Between Dato and Darius, where do you look first? It’s masculine beauty as far as the eye can see.

[Watch Darius & Dato Foland in “Sense 8” part 4″ from Men.com]

Earlier this summer, we had Darius & Jack Harrer in “International Playboys” scene one from NakedSword Originals
jack harrer darius ferdynand nakedsword originals
The biggest Independence Day fireworks actually came two days later with Darius and BelAmi exclusive, the legendarily hung Jack Harrer, in the premiere of “International Playboys”. Some things are too big even for a mouth as talented as Darius’. Fortunately, Darius has more than one irresistible hole.

[Watch Darius Ferdynand and Jack Harrer in “Making Love in London” from “International Playboys”]

And just last week, it was Darius and Hector de Silva in “Sense” part two
hector de silva dato foland darius ferdynand

Their bodies come together like a well-oiled machine working in perfect unison. Right down to the simultaneous explosions that like the lust between them, couldn’t be contained either.

[Watch Darius Ferdynand & Hector De Silva in “The Weekend Away” part two]

You have seen the evidence. Now it’s time to CockYourVote:

1 thought on “Dato Foland, Jack Harrer, or Hector de Silva?”

  1. I think the scene with Dato Foland fucking Darius was the hottest. One of the reasons that I found the scene so thrilling is because Dato almost equals the god Darius in physical beauty.

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