Here’s A New Kevin Crows Scene Filmed Before Kevin Crows Retired One Year Ago

Today, Next Door Studios released a scene on their NextDoorBuddies site starring one of my favorite gay-for-pay porn stars, Kevin Crows. You remember Kevin Crows. He retired almost a year ago.

Every studio films content way in advance of when it’s actually released to the public, but given the timeline of Kevin Crows’ retirement and transition to straight porn, this scene had to be filmed wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy in advance, going back to at least November of 2011, if not even earlier.

Having to dig back this far for content could mean nothing at all, but combined with the outsourced content from other producers and the incessant rumors about all the Next Door models being fired (except Cody Cummings), it actually could mean…something? Is Next Door Studios still filming content with their exclusive models, or was that Pomeranian car wash their last hurrah?

Either way, I miss Kevin Crows’ dick.


[NextDoorBuddies: Kevin Crows Fucks Kyle Quinn]


20 thoughts on “Here’s A New Kevin Crows Scene Filmed Before Kevin Crows Retired One Year Ago”

  1. I miss him a lot, I think he was one of the greatest gay por pay, he did almost everything, except getting fucked but he was amazing, and NDS firing all their models, except Cody Cummings? WHAT’S THE OBSESSION WITH THAT GUY? he only knows how to lick his f*cking hand

  2. Marcus Mojo is done with Next Door. Tyler Torro is kind of on hiatus with some “depression” problems and will mostly work with Falcon instead of NDS.

    As for Mr. Crows, aka Billy Hart, he left gay porn because it felt “unnatural” to him and he always had to take Viagra. He mostly hangs out with fellow porn actor Michael Vegas or in the gay porn world “James Oak”.

      1. Marcus Mojo has worked with most of the “name brand” companies that don’t require an exclusive contract other then so has Rod Daily. Trystan Bull’s site isn’t being updated and I don’t think they have too much Austin Wilde content left in the archives. There are some photos of some of the NDM models in cop uniforms so maybe there is one more orgy scene left in the can. The exclusive sites didn’t deliver financially and the Next Door Hookups site, much like the Jake Cruise Straight Guys For Gays Eyes site has been bleeding $$. Their pet project, Dylan Lucas is almost DOA, they aren’t even updating the fake twitter pages of their exclusives anymore.

        There are going to be a lot of guys competing for work with cheaper talent and a reduced amount of available work.

        1. Same with Tyler. What are you going to do when you can’t get hired? You got to bottom at least once, or you risk being a one note performer.

        2. Marcus is actually in talks about doing some scenes with Men.Com. A for Trystan, I think he is just living the good life in Canada. Rod ends his deal Nov. 7th and NDS is totally changing its whole theme, website, and outlook after all the scenes are released. Sirard is losing money like crazy.

    1. Mr Crows is completely full of himself and shit. He did gay porn because he liked the money and sex with guys. He now has to tow the line to be more hetero for the sake of taking jobs in the straight side.

      His ass tells a different story.

  3. yes,austin wilde have been gone for month but still nextdoor is updating.trystan bull site is not updating anymore.
    marcus mojo & tyler torro have not done a live show,in a long while.
    making me think that marcus mojo & tyler torro are not working with nextdoor

  4. The scene is over a year old. They must really be reaching into the archives, in recent weeks they put out scenes with Brec Boyd who quit porn shortly after the porn wiki leaks mess.

  5. Well you don’t have to miss it. He works quite regularly (if only for the same couple of studios and no other) in straight porn.
    Passion-HD, the straight sister site of the infamous fake cum but beautiful photography Gayroom, in particular.

    1. so, is his performance better in straight scenes than gay scenes? he had some amazing loads in gay scenes, I would just probably die if his loads got any bigger in straight scenes! He may have been g4p and top-only, but he did a damn good job of pleasing his men. In my opinion at least.

      1. I hate his tattoos but he LOOKS better IMO in his straight scenes which is odd.
        Otherwise I am not really an expert in straight sex and straight scenes don’t really focus on the guy anyway but he does not strike me as particularly exciting in those either.

      2. His straight scenes are amazing, at least the Passion-HD ones that I’ve seen are. Those are actually deemed “female-friendly” so there’s some focus on the guys too. Frankly I’m glad he did straight porn, cuz he prolly did more scenes just for that one site than he ever did in gay porn.

      3. His performance is HEAVENLY in his straight scenes. If you were a straight girl, his sex would be everything you could ever want. But not just the penis and vagina stuff – the oral and the foreplay and all of it. And his hair looks better. I guess they had him styled to appeal to gay dudes, but he looks much better to my eye in the straight stuff.

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