Here’s How to Rent That House Near Mount Shasta Where Sean Cody Shot All Those Orgies

Sleep in the same bed where Brodie, Joey, and Lane made sweet love! Eat breakfast on the same tabletop where Tanner fucked Rowan! All for a mere $900 a night.

This past December’s seemingly endless Winter Getaway series at Sean Cody, which included the site’s biggest orgy to date, a very disorganized 9-way in a living room, was all shot in — what else? — a vacation rental on VRBO. I went looking for it when the site debuted but didn’t see it among the local rental companies, but then eagle-eyed Sword commenter Brad recognized the gnarled wood bed from the opening 5-way with Brodie, Tanner, Lane, Joey, and Rowan.


Photo: VRBO
Photo: VRBO


And look, here’s the kitchen where Tanner and Rowan had that hot flip-fuck.

Photo: VRBO
Photo: VRBO


And here’s the living room where that 9-way happened, where you might not want to pull out a black light!




The Northern California property is described as a “majestic retreat” and “3 level luxury cabin” with the following area for nine-man-orgy making:

The Main Level has an open floor plan incorporating a Great Room with a ‘feature tree’ measuring 8′ in diameter at its base & standing 20′ tall, massive rock fireplace, shuffleboard table, TV and stereo system; Full Service Kitchen with granite countertops, rock floors, bar seating; Dining Room with antler chandelier; and Conversation Nook with another massive rock fireplace.

Hiking, biking, skiing, and “World class fishing” are all cited as nearby amenities, but obviously for a gang of gay men who are also porn fans, the celebrity clout of showering in a shower that was once spattered with Sean Cody model cum is, of course, priceless.

Let’s just hope they don’t find out about the shoot and decide to sue like that woman in Ojai who owns the mansion that Michael Lucas rented for a shoot last summer.

[VBRO: Mt. Shasta Majestic Retreat]
[Sean Cody: Winter Getaway Day 1]


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