Legrand Wolf

Here’s What Legrand Wolf Has Been Up To

We hope everyone is having a good week out there and we hope that it’s being made even better now that we’re gearing up to show you everything that’s recently been wrapped around the hot cock of Legrand Wolf! That’s right – for our latest roundup, we’re going to show off some of the most recent bareback hookups that this Carnal+ daddy has gotten himself into over on his site FunSizeBoys. So take a look below and be sure to let us know your favorite new Legrand fuck down in the comments!

Lounging Around ft. Caleb Anthony

“The garden was Wolf’s property. The view, the foliage, the courtyard, and the begging, panting boy pawing at his package—yes, he owns the moaning twink beside him, too. He has owned this ginger bottom’s body for several months now, repeatedly—in his office, in his country home, and now, in the garden of his estate…” [Watch]

Legrand Wolf Legrand Wolf Legrand Wolf

Size Comparison ft. Joshua Oaks

“Dr. Wolf and Joshua snuggle on the couch, watching TV when the brawny doctor begins comparing the size of his own hand against the much smaller man’s. The two of them get turned on as they continue to compare other appendages and end up in an intense make-out session…” [Watch]

Legrand Wolf Legrand Wolf Legrand Wolf

Anal Ultrasound ft. Caleb Anthony

“Caleb is excited to be back in Dr. Wolf’s office. He couldn’t help but wonder what the tall, hung, sexy man had in store for him. It wasn’t long before the Doctor walked in and informed him that the device to his right was an ultrasound machine and that he would be able to see inside Caleb… as he was inside Caleb…” [Watch]

Legrand Wolf Legrand Wolf Legrand Wolf


16 thoughts on “Here’s What Legrand Wolf Has Been Up To”

  1. Conversely to all these retrograde and incomprehensibly obtuse mentalities of all human intelligence… (precisely because of their lies, the youngest of all the videos he has made so far was barely under 25 years old)
    … – this man has always made me dream.
    It’s too bad that I’ve never had the opportunity to know him, then I’ve already seen behind the scenes, and he seems to be an absolutely brilliant and super nice man.
    Take good care of you guys.

  2. People seriously woke up on the wrong side of life today and chose to barf all over The Sword comments sections

  3. The police should look into him. If he is doing these young queens on camera, God only knows, he could be banging 10 year olds. He is foul.

    1. All of his young actors are over 18. He would not be stupid enough to do under age bois. LeGrande has made quite a business and home life.

  4. Why? Why do people think this old guy is good for gay porn? He won’t (or so rarely) puts a dick in his mouth; he won’t rim; if he’s ever kissed a boy on camera, it’s not something I’ve seen. And of course, no one touches his precious bussy. UGH. He’s one of these old guys who started Carnal Media and now get to be with twinks ’cause they pay. But I’m totally turned off by him and most of his pack.

    1. I’ve seen him kiss before but not any of the other stuff you said. I wish he’d fuck guys who actually look their ages though for porn and at least stop trying to breed everyone I wanted to see if that dick is capable of shooting a load cause anybody can faked being bred.

    1. A-men~! He owns the company, so he gets to perv on anyone. Just like that Russian creep at Lucas Entertainment. UGH

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