Here’s Who Will Win At The Grabbys

I failed so miserably at predicting the GayVNs and the Cybersockets, it only makes sense to be wrong again about more gay porn awards. Here then, the first in The Sword’s three part series on Grabbys predictions, all leading up to the show on May 28th in Chicago.

Check back over the next two weeks for more predictions. And, I’m only going through the categories that interest me so, sorry, no predictions on who will take home Best Affiliate Program or Best Live Cam. All the nominees are here.

Also, these are just predictions and not necessarily reflective of my personal opinions, except in cases where they totally are. As usual, “will win” goes to the most politically likely and safe choice, “should win” goes to the one considered most deserving, and “no guts no glory” goes to the dark horse who doesn’t stand a chance.

Best Original Content
Bel Ami Online
Channel 1 Releasing
Cocky Boys
Cocksure Men
Club Dean
Dominic Ford
Hot House
Next Door Studios
On The Hunt
Randy Blue

This could also be called the award for Best Studio, as the line between traditional DVD and online-based studios no longer exists in 2011. All the “old school” (for lack of a better term) studios release their content online before shipping DVDs, and of those (e.g., Falcon, Raging Stallion, Titan, Lucas, etc.) Channel 1 and Hot House were the only ones to make the cut in this category. Then again, there’s also a category for Best Video Company Site, where Channel 1 and Hot House are nominated again (with Falcon and Raging Stallion), along with Bel Ami, Dominic Ford, and Next Door, who are also nominated again. I’m confused.

Will Win: Randy Blue
Should Win: Bel Ami Online
No Guts, No Glory: Cocksure Men

Best Porn Star Blog
Mike Dreyden
Brent Everett
Brent Corrigan
Damian Crosse
Dean Monroe
Drew Cutler
Steve Cruz
Francois Sagat
Wolf Hudson

The one person who should have been nominated isn’t, and some of these blogs are barely updated once a month, if at all. So…

Will Win: Brent Everett
Should Win: Brent Everett
No Guts, No Glory: D.O.

Best Porn Blog
Chronicales of Pornia
Gay Fleshbot
Gay Porn Times
Jack Manly
Jason Curious
Man Hunt Daily
Nick Young xxx
Queer Me Now
Starr Fucker
The Sword


Will Win: Jason Curious
Should Win: The Sword
No Guts, No Glory: Nick Young XXX

Best Duo
Angelo Marconi and Brenn Wyson
Brutal 1/Raging Stallion Studios

Benjamin Bradley and Brian Hanson

Brent Corrigan and Casey Monroe
Getting Levi’s Johnson/Jet Set Men

Brent Everett and Jake Lyons
Grand Slam/Channel 1 Releasing

Cayden Ross and Riley Price
Dirty Secrets/Randy Blue Productions

David Anthony and Dean Flynn
Hellions/Titan Men

Dorian and Dallas
Double Time 5/Active Duty

Eric Austin and Damon Audigier
My Summer Vacation #1/Citi Boyz

Jeremy Bilding and Gavin Waters
Stud Ranch hung n’strung/BUCKSHOT

Kyle King and Drew Cutler
Loading Zone/Hot House Entertainment

Roman Heart and Jimmy Durano
Workloads/Channel 1 Releasing

The Grabbys love Channel 1, and they really love Brent Everett and Roman Heart (who was a co-host last year), so this is tough. But my heart and my boner belong to the King/Cutler flip-fuck, which is the hottest duo on this list (even though it was released in 2009 and is somehow eligible?).

Will Win: Roman Heart and Jimmy Durano
Should Win: Kyle King and Drew Cutler
No Guts No Glory: Eric Austin and Damon Audigier


6 thoughts on “Here’s Who Will Win At The Grabbys”

  1. I’m still sort of appalled at the Lucas Lockout. I mean, he didn’t throw a Fleshjack or anything tacky like that. XD

  2. Really? When ChiChi and Jason sit down over Margueritas and write the winners on cocktail napkins, they’re going to choose Jason again?

    Saw a new mature Brandon Manilow layout this morning. My guy overseas makes these guys look like filet mignon compared to canned SPAM.

  3. Pfft, who even reads The Sword anyway! :P

    By the way: where is the screencap for the thumbnail from?

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