Heterosexual White Male James Huntsman: “I’m A Minority”

Next Door Studios exclusive and openly heterosexual gay porn star James Huntsman has a Twitter account, and it’s a lot of fun.

In response to his haters (who were undoubtedly fueled by the Austin Wilde/Anthony Romero Next Door Exodus last week), here is a collection (via Queer Me Now) of James Huntsman’s best tweets, which I went ahead and reassembled so that they could be read as a sort of poem.

So many prejudice ppl out there
I feel bad for u
all I got is smiles
great workout


My brother is homosexual, so
before u talk about me and what u think u know
get ur shit together n realize
how ignorant u look
Now breathe

cuz I find it rather hilarious
that I’m considered homophobic

And if u want to be honest,
through all the different situations
I’ve been in my life

Through living as a minority
of religion and race
in certain areas I’ve been
I have never witness such prejudice as I have
since I have entered
the industry

honestly at the end
It upsets my stomach
to even deal with the ignorance
of ppl

and what they consider to know
about me
based on never meeting me

They need help, not me

I’m heterosexual.
That is all.

Gay porn star James Huntsman has his first gay anal sex scene due out on June 21st.

[NextDoorBuddies: James Huntsman]


74 thoughts on “Heterosexual White Male James Huntsman: “I’m A Minority””

  1. Why are you allegedly “straight” guys on this website at all? Your own words betray your ACTIONS. If you’re not attracted to gay sex, then WHY ARE YOU ON THIS WEBSITE? What a bunch of closet fags and drama queens. Vote for Trump, did you? How’s THAT helping your personal net worth? Uh huh. How many JOBS did YOU create for your fellow Trumpkins? Idiots.



          1. A lot of hate in you! Who care what his preference is, and no one cares what yours is! Watch his videos if you want or don’t. Labels don’t mean squat!

  3. jimmy baby I don’t care what you do off screen you are one good looking piece of ass. Since it is only a peformance what is your reluctance to put that beautiful backside to work and bottom at least once. I was delighted to see you say that although it is not your preference you would be willing to go otk for a good spanking. Wow let it be soon, Regards!!

  4. I am cofused If you are heterosexual as you aay and I have no reason to doubt you then anything you do in porn is a performance and says nothing about the real you so why do you refuse to bottom it doesn’t contradict you and it is only a performance which might well inhance your popularity
    Let us know your reasoning.
    joe k.

  5. I use to hook up with “James” in high school and then again when we both moved out to california at the same time by coincident. Of course there’s a spectrum, but I’m tellin’ you, the man loves the ladies. TERRES hit the nail on the head.

  6. Honestly, the best porn out there is Gay Porn! I love, crave it, and cannot live with out it :) I could honestly care less, if the performers are gay or straight. It turns me completely on. Yes, I am a straight female, and it took me years to finally find the right kind of mojo that does it for me, when I want to get in the mood. I actually cannot stand heterosexual porn, because it’s all so fake (especially, the ladies, who are performing with the fake “oohs and ahhhs”.

    Please no more arguing guys :) You are all so lucky to have the best great looking talent with hot dicks to look at, and probably go home to.

    I envy you all!!!! :)



  7. My opinion. He is straight. He’s a very good looking guy looking to make some money and joined gay porn (because you make more money in gay porn than in straight porn). Even though he’s kinda dumb, I don’t think he’s homophobic, ignorant or just mean. He’s a nice guy who wants to make some money.

  8. In all of this foaming at the mouth, the operative word is that they are “actors.” The argument should not be whether they are gay or straight. The sole determinant should be do they get you off or don’t they. Me? I think he’s hot. I think Tristan Bull is hot. I think Paddy O’Brian is hot. They are performing roles. I look at it that my chance to fuck them is the same as yours, whether they are gay or straight: Z-E-R-O. But I can appreciate they’re freaking hot. Beyond that, I don’t want to get into the psychology of gay for pay…. It’s porn for god’s sake. And he sounds like a decent enough guy. Give him a break!

  9. I only came across James Huntsman today…..he is in my estimation, perfect in every way….though I understand that he has given up doing gay porn……I think the fact of the matter is, were all a little bi-sexual, and we were headed in that direction until the AIDS pandemic came along…..
    I define myself as gay, but I have slept with a number of women, and I entertain carnal thoughts about them from time to time…..I expect the same thing could be said of a number of heterosexual men, including some of the “gay for pay” performers.
    As for Next Door Male, I left being a paid customer when the scenes became too “packaged”….throwing Mason Wyler under a bus didnt help either….

  10. Michael Patrick Martin

    Ur all fucked up why is anyones concern if he is gay or str8 u watch the porn if u dont know u still bust ur nut right so leave it alone he still sexy and u still nut

  11. James Huntsman you are one awesome guy. Pure animal magnatism from your feet all the way up that gorgeous body to your beautiful face.

  12. I wish you guys would lay off “James.” He actually is a nice kid AND has a gay sibling who he loves and has a great relationship with. He’s a gay friendly straight guy who realized the obvious: straight guys don’t make money doing straight porn, so he did the logical thing and followed the $$. He’s an adult entertainer, period–his sexual orientation is irrelevant.

  13. I really don’t care what his orientation is. That’s his business. As long as he can do the job he was hired for convincingly, it’s fine with me. But as an aside, and just as a personal preference, I think he’s very handsome.

  14. I know I’m going to get bashed for this but Kookie is right. I have worked with all the NDS models; Marcus, James, Tyler, Cody, Rod and Johnny. I have traveled with some of them, been at events with them, had multiple dinners and drinks with them and can honestly say they are the nicest bunch of guys in porn. How some of you haters, who have never even met them can say hateful things about them is unbelievable. I have never seen any of them be rude to a fan or anyone else for that matter. I have worked with all of them since they started at NDS and some guys take to the whole gay porn thing faster than others. Give them a break!


  16. Am I the only one that doesn’t care who they fuck when they go home at night? I honestly don’t care-as long as they get through their scene, that’s it for me. And, yes, weirdly straight-acting and vacant can sometimes come across as hot. In their day, none of the big gay pornstar legends were ever totally gay: Jeff Stryker, Ryan Idol, Ken Ryker, Jack Wrangler all went home to women. It’s just that, during their era, there was no mass instant media to convey every moment of their lives.

    If a straight guy is able to get it up and do it with a dude so that I can get a few minutes enjoyment out of it, that’s fine on my end. They make money and are happy, I get off and am happy.

    Incidentally, I live in a large gay metro area. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet several of the Nextdoor guys, as well as several of the mainstream gay pornguys. Never met a Nextdoor guy who was rude, inconsiderate, rushed to leave, has declined to answer a question, or acted the slightest bit conceited with one of their fans (James Huntsman, Tyler Torro, Marcus Mojo, James Torque, Cody Cummings, Rod Daily included.) Can’t say that with some of the drugged out, sexed up for muscle boys, label obsessed porn guys that brand themselves as all-gay.

    1. “If a straight guy is able to get it up and do it with a dude so that I can get a few minutes enjoyment out of it, that’s fine on my end.”

      Well, you certainly don’t ask for much, do you? If all you’re after is seeing a straight guy “get it up” (Hint: They abuse Viagra/Cialis/Caverject to “get it up” and need to watch pussy porn while fucking dudes to “keep it up”) and stick his dick in a hole, it’s a wonder that you don’t just watch straight porn. I mean, women have got holes up the wazoo, with two orifices conveniently located next to each other.

      1. I could really give a flying fuck what they use to get it up and get motivated for their scene. It’s porn, it’s not shakespeare. If I want to see that, I’ll be sure to get the “behind the scenes” footage, which I do watch occasionally. And, no, I don’t ask for much-all I need is 2 hot men fucking. I’ll leave you to worry about what they’re thinking and who they go home to.

        1. You say you don’t give a fuck, yet you took the time to comment on this blog about James Huntsman’s behind-the-scenes antics. All you want to see is “two hot men fucking”, but youre defending a guy who has yet to fuck another guy even though he’s been in the industry nearly a year. Since you could (or should it be couldn’t) give a flying fuck, I take it the above is your last word on the matter.

          1. It could have been my last comment, but…..obviously you didn’t check out the clip below Ms Streep up there before the comments. I also copied the url for you here. http://nextdoorstudios.com/NDS/component/content/article/1-latest-news/1064-mark-your-calendars-special-edition-coming-to-nextdoorbuddiescom. He has recorded a scene fucking another man. There will probably be more. It’s not that I do or do not care, I just think the kid’s getting a bad rap based on some of the comments here. He’s obviously comfortable doing what he does. I just don’t judge him based on what he does off camera. It’s none of my business really, nor is it yours. I don’t know him, but I met him once and spent several hours around him. In that time, I watched many men approach, touch, kiss, talk to, and hug him-quite a few of which I would be uncomfortable doing the same to me btw. He was polite, friendly, accepting, and outgoing to every single one of them. I’m more apt to judge someone based on how they treat others as opposed to whom they sleep with in their personal time. And, as Ms. Streep says in the clip above, THAT’s ALL!

          2. :|

            We’ve proof of the one scene and how long has been an NDS exclusive? And he’s being judged on comments he’s made – how the fuck is that unfairly judging him?
            You’ve spent several hours in his presence, watching his interactions with people?? I think it’s obvious you care a little more than you let on…

    2. i am seriously laughing my ass off at you. you are so transparant and that’s all i am going to say about that bullshit you are writing.

  17. *ignoring elvismonroe*

    who in the hell would actually think they are being discriminated against when they are in the Majority and getting catered to by some self-hating asshole who wants to fuck all of his Models and has fans who who think that they’ll be “touched by God” if he or any other gay for pay guy just slaps them in the face with their dicks? James, you don’t know the meaning of the word yet

  18. You guys need to STOP… Porn is and has never been a movement. who the fuck cares whether they are straight or not, they all are getting paid for sex. If they are hot and the sex is hot watch it. why do you care that some porn stars are sucking more dick and taking it more in the ass than their coworkers. You guys need to find better porn or start watching soap operas because this agenda is limp. odds are that non of those guys straight or not are going to fuck you, so whack off to those hoes and move on okay

  19. “I’m heterosexual.
    That is all.”

    Actually, the word is “bisexual”. A heterosexual has sex with the opposite sex. A homosexual has sex with the same sex. A bisexual does it with both sexes.
    Is this really so difficult a concept to grasp?

    And I believe those “warts” at the base of his penis are actually veins, the angle makes them look odd. Why don’t we ask him? Maybe he’s listening in…

    Hey Jim, what ARE those things? I say they’re veins, some of these guys say warts. But I think I’m right…

    And I also think he’s very nice looking.

    1. Ugh. Yet another female coming in here with her “Bisexuals DO exist!”

      He’s MSM, dearie. That’s what the epidemiologists call men who sleep with men but refuse to be labeled as gay (or “bi-sexual”). (What he truly is is anyone’s guess.) There’s plenty of closeted gay men in sham marriages who have sex with women – doesn’t make them “bi-sexual”. Indeed, the more I learn about the gay-for-pay phenomenon, the more I’m disinclined to believe that male bisexuality exists.

      1. Women are so desperate for a man these days..any man..even the ones who claim to be straight and sleep with men on film..some even do it bareback..so forgive LINDA she is aware of here low self esteem and limited options :-)

  20. NDS is DOA! They should called call it like it is. Don’t cheaping a fantasy with models who are out spoken and crazy.

    I just saw my 1000 scene with Marc Dylan and that boys hole is now the “Hurt Locker” of gay porn.

    Sirard will never comment on drama it will just take time away from partying with the boys and dropping wishes in their ass wells.

  21. In that still photo, that is one ugly dick. Agree it’s looky kind of wart-y. Must’ve caught something from his girlfriend.

  22. i really don’t understand these people… whatever is sex on camera or not, SEX IS SEX!!!! So tell me, there will come the day where these guys will have to stop doing gay porn… whats next? what would be the excuse to suck some dick??

    Andrew Jakk
    Marc Dylan
    Jayden Tyler
    Jack Andrews (Randy Blue)
    Brandon Wilde
    Randall O’Riley… just a few models who are openly GAY, and much hotter than any of the nds guys!

  23. It’s interesting that the blog posts on the straight NDS boys gets more attention then their videos. I agree I would only watch NDS on tube sites I couldn’t bring myself to pay for the half attempted entertainment.

    Huntsman is cute, he will come out soon just let him play his tuff boy games for a bit longer. Its cute.

  24. He could be a minority. The vast majority of straight men in the United States wouldn’t be caught dead having sex with other men on the internet. So, if you look at it that way he’s a minority. Also, he seems to have an IQ hovering around 72 to 75 that could give him minority status too.

  25. WOW he is a Young White “Straight” American Male..damn I feel his pain (rise up brother and claim your pride back, push Rosa out of her bus seat boy!), oh wait he has some relatives who are “gays”, a true renaissance man.

  26. I really hate when white straight folks call themselves a minority. It’s an patronizing insult to ACTUAL minorities like myself (gay, Asian) who have to catch shit all the time just for being themselves.

    1. Errr it’s all relative . “Asians” are more than a third of worldwide population so you are not a minority overall .
      You might be one depending on the nieghbourhood you live in . And I guess he was a white boy in a black neighbourhood which somewhat makes him a minority .

      1. In the US, where I live and where he lives and works in, I’m a minority, and that someone like James, who on the basis of being a white, straight able-bodied male is more valued by our society (for every comment here that blasts him, many more are putting him on a pedestal), has the nerve to call himself a minority just rustles my jimmies. And why the hell would you guess about where he grew up at? Do you know him personally? No? Then please shut up with your “relative” bull; I am not living among the third of the world’s population, I am living in a country where I’m valued like shit, and his AND your nonsense is not improving things, ok?!

        I have very strong feelings about this….

          1. My Other Car's the Tardis

            Thanks, half porco, for taking the time off from your busy volunteer duties at your local Tea Party campaign HQ–or maybe from helping collate the Georgia KKK chapter’s applications to adopt a highway. You sound like a bigger douche than this Huntsman moron.

  27. Hmmm I just noticed something. He said his brother was “homosexual”. Wonder why he chose that word instead of gay? I generally see those who are anti-gay(not always, but much more often than those who accept and support gays) use that term.

  28. he probably means he was “white” and lived in a mostly black neighborhood – which i guess is the reason he talks and acts the way he does, as some form of “suburban white boy trying to act like how he thinks black people act which in turn is just pretty racist”. someone on another site put it best – he’s good looking until he opens his mouth and speaks. has anyone here seen his “interview” videos on NDS? one of the first things he says is he wishes he could say he was out “smashing vagina all day”. ummmm ok, so most of my buddies and all three of my brother are completely straight. like the real kind of straight where they don’t have a problem with gays personally but would never in a million years have sex with a man due to the fact that they are straight. and…none of them…not one…would ever say something as asinine as they wish they could be out “smashing vaginas” all day. seriously, douche, that’s the gayest sounding shit i’ve ever heard in my life. that’s the problem with james huntsman. he wants so badly to be straight new desperately wants other people to believe it. so badly that it all comes across seeming completely contrived. that’s why he loses so much attractiveness the second he opens his mouth. he bitches about how people are judging him but they don’t know him. he’s right. we’re judging him based on the image he’s putting out there. well james just LOOK at the fucking IMAGE you’re putting out there. all of this is funny from a not-straight guy acting straight acting offended because people don’t believe he’s straight because he’s acting in gay porn. wow. can’t even wrap my head around it.

  29. I’m wondering where was the place he lived to be the “minority “? Or there is a gay city I never heard of?

  30. uh…I don’t think he’s homophobic.

    Why does he go out of his way to proclaim how straight he is? Pussy. Woman can be pretty stupid. The bitches he fucks won’t want to be with a gay dude (ok like a very very very small minority may be in to that but whatever). But the dude does gay porn. So he HAS to stress how he isn’t gay he is so he can get pussy. I’m sure the women he fucks know what he does…these bitches talk.

    There are women who are dumb enough to buy his reasoning…he fucks men for money but he’s not attracted to them. That’s his pussy demographic. Once women start thinking he’s gay for real he’s going to end up as a story on The Dirty with all his business exposed.

    He probably doesn’t hate gay people. He doesn’t care about gays one way or the other. He just wants a check. He isn’t a homophobic jerk…he’s an opportunist. I can respect that.

    1. and the women he does end up with with suspend their belief that he’s not straight for only the duration of the relationship. as soon as they break up, they’ll say he’s a “fag” to anyone who will listen. the same exact thing women (and guys) do when they date a guy with a small dick. all is find and dandy until they break up.

      1. Man Cody let Gnormie state his claim because A: he don’t know what the fuck he talking about and B: wait for it, he don’t know what the fuck he tlking about!

  31. What is the point of continually establishing the fact that you’re heterosexual? Unless of course you’re somehow threatened by having sex with men. Jeremy Bilding used to do this ad nauseam.

  32. Get over your bad self James.

    A) you’re in an industry that is highly criticized and on the receiving end of prejudice and discrimination in almost all segments of the population

    B) it IS offensive having your heterosexuality rubbed in the faces of gay men who want to see VERSATILE gay men performing passionately and not wooden, barely there service scenes.

    C) You work for a company that blatantly promotes Heterosexual males as better than gay/bi males. And defiantly refuses to celebrate the very few actually gay males that work for them.

    D) The type of guys portrayed by the company you work for are the same types that wanted their cocks sucked when drunk, yet would revile, ridicule, humiliate etc. gays when in publice or with their other homophobic friends.

    So rather than whine and play the victim, be and outspoken advocate for your fans and other gay men. Be proactive, show your support with words AND actions at every opportunity available. This advice is for ALL the gay for pay performers. And example would be the AustinZane guys. I have only read positive comments from them, and never a whining complaint regarding how they are treated. In addition their performances are versatile, passionate with chemistry that I can suspend reality for a few minutes and fantasize they are gay and really into their scene partners.

    Notice that I didn’t accuse you of being any of the above, but your protestations only incite more negative feelings and responses.

    So, stop the poor pitiful me party and do something to change the perception by some who feel you are homophobic.

    1. Is it his responsibility to be a champion for the gays? He just wants a paycheck. Most gays assume people either love us or hate us. The truth is most people don’t give a shit about us one way or the other and just wish we would stop being so overbearing and obnoxious. He falls into the don’t give a shit category. Nothing wrong with that. I’ll be honest I don’t give a shit about issues I personally don’t have an interest in. Abortion…a non issue for me. Violence in Syria….utter indifference. The rights of the transgendered…frankly they kind of creep me out as much as gay people creep out homophobic people….I’m sure they are nice people but I couldn’t be seen in public with one.

      He’s a gay porn star. He’s not a civil rights activist. He just wants money. More power to him.

      1. No, it’s not his or any other porn performers job to be a champion for gay rights. You missed the point. If he WANTS some to stop calling him homophobic, etc, that is a good way to change the perception. Stop whining about it and do something positive to change it.

  33. and in other news…….. Gays fed up with Next Door Studios. Don’t give a fuck what their remaining models have to say anymore

  34. I refuse to watching anything from next door buddies or any gay porn studio that continues to hire gay for pay performers.

  35. Awww that’s so cute. Look at him averting his eyes every chance he gets. I feel bad for the bottom. Especially since he’s only earning 1/3 of what the top is making because he’s openly gay.

    1. Well, to be fair, the bottom doesn’t have to work for a studio that pays him less than he believes he should earn. He must have signed some kind of contract where it states he’ll be paid X dollars for performing in these films. My guess is that Huntsman gets the bigger bucks because he’s hotter. He has a specific stud appeal that not everyone has, which surely must include the allure of his being a self-identified straight, whether or not anyone chooses to believe it, or finds that specifically appealing. Clearly, there are people out there who do, otherwise Next Door Studios wouldn’t make a dime.

  36. This is beyond infuriating. He went out of his way to declare himself a heterosexual. Why? Who asked him? I don’t care to speculate on whether he is or is not genuinely heterosexual. That’s between him and the partners in his private life. If they say their straight, then so be it. I don’t get a check if they come out. And I certainly get how the whole “I’m sooo straight” thing plays at NDS. That’s part of the problem. They (and these cardboard cut outs with dicks) spend so much time proving and reinforcing how straight their guys are without actually getting them involved in any action of interest. If 100% straight men, who dislike gay sex so much that their disdain is obvious in their lackluster performances, turned me on, I’d start by watching guys who are, I don’t know, in real straight porn. Yeah so kudos to James Huntsman for (apparently) genuinely topping in a scene. Yeah, you’re doing more than some…at NDS. Other straight guys in porn have gone there and back again; topping, bottoming, oral, gang bangs, etc. This usually is not an event; but a natural progression for someone who is going to be in the industry past a few solos. But I am still confused as to what compelled him to share this earth shattering knowledge with us. And his whole “whoa is me” defense of himself did him no favors. Yeah, must be really hard for a tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed, hot straight guy in the U.S. And having a gay brother does not make you an expert on gay issues or the straight Harvey Milk.

    But these “victimized bro-sters” (James and Tyler; not Cody, who has been wisely silent) are not really what’s so infuriating and frustrating about this. It’s their blind defenders. The self-hating, lonely and desperate gays who jump to the defense of these guys. They delude themselves into thinking that rushing to the defense of some of these performers will somehow lead to sex or genuine friendship with these guys. I get that some people have LEGITIMATE issues with how some of these guys are being critiqued. I don’t agree with them at all and feel their missing the point; but I get it. But the “lonely hearts club” that put themselves out there to blindly defend these guys no matter what is not only infuriating; but embarrassing. But there’s so many of them, I finally have found out how NDS is able to stay in business.

    1. after reading some of the accounts of guys who have left NDS, i almost feel sorry for the “gay-for-pay”ers from NDS. i think what happens is they go in, do a scene where the director tells them what to do (which is VERY little) and they do it. they’re probably asked what they want to do and what they don’t want to do in the beginning and since they go in with little experience and go in as somewhat bi-curious they probably do say they would likely get sucked off and MAYBE fuck a guy if they had to. (i’m sure the MAJORITY of guys considering going into gay porn would say the same exact thing). since this is what the studio is looking for anyway, this becomes the slot the g4p guy is put into at NDS. when the guy finds out they can get away with just doing that and no one pushes him, he digs his heels in and that becomes his role. likely no one pushes him to do more (they might mention he could make more money if he ends up fucking a guy) but no one really tells him “hey, this is gay porn, you’re going to have to up the ante” because the people who run the studio are the same kinds of guys who watch this g4p shit and like it. the producers and directors are essentially living out their own “straight” fantasy and making money off it. it works for the studio and it works for the model.

      considering all that, i’m sure the g4p guys are genuinely shocked when they hear all the negative feedback. they’re probably like “woah, i do my scene the way i’m supposed to. i do what they tell me and they seem happy with it”. they probably 1) have never heard of the fact that the studio they work for has SO MUCH negative publicity for the very things that they are taking part in and 2) think they’re doing a great job and really pushing their own limits by even “letting” a guy suck them off or “god forbid” fucking one. since these guys really do either think they are straight or want to believe they are straight, and since the studio they’re working for thinks or wants to believe the same thing, it only reinforces everything that’s going on until you end up with a guy like cody cummings – or now tyler torro and james huntsman.

      they’re reacting to all the negative feedback the only possible way they could. they don’t get it because they’re a part of it. they think they’re doing their job – and doing a good job at that. just like they think they’re “straight” and they think that people BELIEVE they’re “straight” (another thing the studio tells them). it almost makes you feel sorry for them. almost. but ignorance isn’t an excuse. there are PLENTY of guys who started out as g4p and then came to the realization (publicly) that they couldn’t just keep doing what they’re doing and claim to be “straight”. they either keep their mouths shut or say simply “i’m sexual” or “i’m horny”. with these guys you have a mixture of denial and total lack of insight fueled by a company run by self-loathing homos that caters to…whatddya know…self-loathing homos.

      hey folks, guess what kind of guys “straight” escorts/strippers/porn stars really go for…guess what kind they know they can exploit and take for all they’re worth…yup: self-loathing homos.

  37. He had this comment with his boyfriend. That Xavier Mathews kid. I don’t get either one of them. James is a closet case and that kids feeds into his bull shit. They belong together.

    1. Um I’m sure they are no longer together if they ever were. James probably used him as a sex toy. He is to busy on Roman Todd cock now.

      James Huntsman gets paid more to say he is not gay that’s the only reason he does it. Point blank period.

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