Hookers in Second Life Raking in the Linden Dollars

You might be thinking this is leading to a Bill Clinton joke, but no!  We’re talking about Second Life, that kooky alternate reality video game in which nerds across the globe get to become the dredlocked ravers and mincing glamorpusses and dredlocked ravers they’ve always dreamed of being.

Green Pixels scored this *exclusive* with one of the more successful virtual streetwalkers in the Second Life universe.  Her Second Life name is Palela Alderson, and in her first life she’s a 26-year-old Italian with a degree in Communications.

But in Second Life she’s a hooker who charges 2000-3000 Linden dollars (between 9 and 13 American dollars) for a full night of avatar-bumping love.

“We have street prostitution here in Italy, and I have always wanted to be one of them. As a teenager I would watch these sexy women walking the streets, waiting for the cars to stop, teasing the guys, and then hopping in and getting out sometime later. I’m not sure why I find it such a turn-on. I think it’s because when a man will pay to have you, you know he really desires you. It’s proof that you’re really wanted.”

We know a few porn star rentboys who’d probably agree!  Palela says that her avatar looks just like she does in real life, and that her virtual dance card is pretty full these days–she takes new clients very rarely. In her real life in Italy, in which she allegedly has a real pair of tits (Kotaku thinks she’s a guy), she doesn’t have a boyfriend.  Hmmm.


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