Ace Banner, Zack Dean

Hot and Hung Daddy Ace Banner Makes Carnal Debut

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life, the opportunity to see sexy fucker Ace Banner do continuous studio work after over a decade of teasing us. This handsome man is absolute perfection, from his muscular frame and big dick to that handsome face and hot accent.

We’ve mostly known Ace through his long-time relationship with gay porn legend Tyler Saint, the two hung daddies performing together on clip sites like for five years. Ace did a few solo scenes over a decade ago, then a few scenes with Tyler that appeared on Pride Studios DVDs (I think homemade ones?). So for all intents, his debut at Carnal is his true studio debut—and there will be a lot more to come following the glorious announcement a few months ago that Ace and Tyler had signed as exclusives.

Ace Banner Ace Banner, Zack Dean

Ace Banner, Zack Dean Ace Banner, Zack Dean

In his debut, Ace is a Scout Master in charge of Zack Dean, a cute twink making his studio debut. We thankfully get some Ace narration and dialogue, which means we get to hear hot voice of his. Zach is clearly under daddy’s spell, and after the furry jock kisses the newbie, Zack gets on his knees to slurp on that big cock (I love that hot mushroom head on Ace’s dick!).

Ace Banner, Zack Dean Ace Banner, Zack Dean

Ace Banner, Zack Dean Ace Banner, Zack Dean

Zack then gets his hole teased before taking daddy’s big dick, moaning “Yes sir!” as he gets railed from behind and on his back—when we get to see him lean over and grip Ace’s hot and fuzzy salt-and-pepper pecs as he takes that dick. I can’t wait to see a lot more of Ace (with Adam Snow and Eddie Patrick and Cole Blue, please!).

See Ace’s debut at CarnalPlus!


13 thoughts on “Hot and Hung Daddy Ace Banner Makes Carnal Debut”

  1. I want Daddy Ace to fuck me just like he does Zack! He really looks as though he’s taking care of his scout….he keeps in character and looks like he’s training his charge! I find Ace really sexy….just the type of MAN I would love to call my own!!! He’s not for everyone, but he’s my type to a “T”!

    Zack seems to agree, too. He’s a sexy man-child who’s luck enough to have Ace inside him. DAMN do I envy Zack! I wish I had an Ace in bay early days.

  2. As a former scouting boy who longed to have his scoutmaster take charge with me like this, I love their videos, and Ace would have been a great one to break me in!

  3. NO NO NO is right. Ugh. How fucking painful to watch. He looks so un-comfortable, and he does NOT look good. Carnal is getting pretty fucking desperate to find daddy’s to agree to work for their perverted site. Ace Banner, AND Tyler Saint?? Tyler Saint looks AWFUL. He needs to stick to selling used cars….. no one wants to watch EITHER of them do porn, especially Carnal+ porn. Just awful, and painful to watch. I guess living in a small town in the deep, RED south, you eventually feel like you need validation. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Ace and Tyler sat down and discussed the idea of working for Carnal+ Complimenting and pumping each other up, thinking they are ALL THAT….. How sad, and depressing.

  4. Ace Banner is hot. He’s a better, prettier version of Adam Russo. Zack Dean is gorgeous and cute. However, this scene doesn´t work well because CarnalPlus is a creepy studio, with bizarre themes.

  5. I just watched this full scene on CarnalPlus and Ace just didn’t seem comfortable but I’m especially glad LeGrand was wasn’t there too!

  6. more photoshopped pics and horrid videos from LeCreep and one of his sexual abuse pedo fetish sites. and girl you’re still covering them every 4 days like clockwork.

    1. Right? It’s vile. I’m sure he is trafficking them around the country from one creepy pedo site to the next.

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