Papi Kocic, Dimitry Osten

Hot Cop Papi Kocic Feeds His 2 Big Sticks to Dimitry Osten

After seeing hung muscle stud Papi Kocic in costume as a vampire and celebrating in a tux, we get to see him dressed up yet again—this time as a cop. If you’re a fan of men in uniform (yes please!), it proves to be a simple yet winning formula that always delivers.

It’s not like Papi needs any help making us drool, what with his big muscles and thick, juicy cock. But I’ve always been a fan of uniforms, and Papi gets particularly alpha in “Pleasing the Policeman,” another Euro entry from (which have a far better track record than most of the North American silliness we get).

Papi Kocic, Dimitry Osten Papi Kocic, Dimitry Osten

Papi’s scene mate here is Dimitry Osten (who has spelled his name about a billion slightly different ways, like Dmitry Osten), who has kept a relatively lower profile these last few years (unless you watch a lot of William Higgins content). The last big studio effort we saw Dimitry in was Falcon’s The Chalet in 2020, where he got pounded by Colten Reece. It’s a long overdue return to a bigger audience, and I hope we see more of this cute Russian in the future.

Papi Kocic, Dimitry Osten Papi Kocic, Dimitry Osten

Papi is on patrol with his partner when they check out a suspicious van, where Dimitry is driving half naked without a seat belt. The cop can’t stop staring at Dimitry’s ass crack, and the civilian can’t stop staring at the cop’s nightstick. Sensing an opportunity, Papi takes the suspect into an empty building and stuffs his holes with his stick and cock. The uniform seems to bring out a little extra aggressiveness from Papi (and bonus points for the hot shot of Dimitry licking the cop’s pits).

Papi Kocic, Dimitry Osten

Papi Kocic, Dimitry Osten

Silly, yes…but cute (Papi’s cop partner is also a handsome salt-and-pepper daddy). Give us more Dimitry soon, please…and more of Papi in uniform (maybe as a UPS driver or surgeon next?).

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6 thoughts on “Hot Cop Papi Kocic Feeds His 2 Big Sticks to Dimitry Osten”

  1. Papi, like so many other guys in porn, has ruined his good looks by plastering his body with big ugly tattoos. I absolutely cannot understand the type of mentality (or lack thereof) that thinks this is in any way an attractive look. It is thoroughly repulsive. I suspect that many of the guys who do it will end up regretting it — and getting them removed is verrry expensive.

    1. And if the tatts aren’t removed, how will they look in 20-30 years (assuming the guy wearing the tat lives that long)? Aging, loosening skin is no place for faded tatts.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. Ink has been a stain on the industry for many years. It covers up the musculature and is so distracting; I’ve never seen a tattoo that enhanced a guy’s appeal. I’m absolutely in agreement these models will live to regret it. And if they ever commit a crime? It’ll be easy picking them out of a lineup.

      1. Actress Tracy Scoggins (Dante’s Cove) said that her father was a criminal defense attorney and the one case he lost was because a witness was able to identify the defendant’s tattoo. Tracy was a little girl at the time, and she thought to herself “I’ll never get a tattoo, because then if I’m naughty I’ll get caught!”

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