Baxxx, Joseph Hart

Hot Falcon Prison Sex: Then & Now!

The unique Falcon 1971 project keeps on rolling, and we keep on loving it! Not only do we get sexy new scenes with hung studs, we also get a hot and hard jolt of nostalgia. And what better gay porn nostalgia is there than pornstache prison sex?

In this installment of 1971, we are reminded of the hot jail pairing between cop Hal Drake and pornstached prisoner Mike Cole in 1982’s Upperclassman. In case you don’t remember Hal (who I think did just two scenes for the studio), have a look at his amazing bod and cock…

Hal Drake, Mike Cole Hal Drake, Mike Cole

Hal Drake, Mike Cole Hal Drake, Mike Cole

Phew…throw me in jail now, please! (Sigh…why didn’t you do more porn, Hal?!) Fast-forward to 2024, and we have prisoner Baxxx making his Falcon debut after strutting his stuff in a few scenes at Sean Cody. He’s joined by cop Joseph Hart, who we just saw make his Falcon debut a few weeks ago in this very film (getting fucked by hottie Johnny Donovan).

Baxxx, Joseph Hart Baxxx, Joseph Hart

Baxxx, Joseph Hart Baxxx, Joseph Hart

The twist here is that the prisoner (Baxxx) is now the top, and the guard is the bottom. Joseph notices Baxxx stroking his hot cock in the cell, and we get some through-the-bars stroking before Joseph heads in to suck Baxxx’s boner (and I’m loving how verbal Baxxx is, which continues throughout the scene). The bad boy then munches Joseph’s hole before pounding it.

Baxxx, Joseph Hart Baxxx, Joseph Hart

Baxxx, Joseph Hart Baxxx, Joseph Hart

The bottom takes it on his back before getting pinned to the bed (just like in the original), then takes it doggy—gripping the bars as he gets railed—his ass soon coated in cum. These two are so cute (Joseph’s eyes alone make me swoon), and I’m totally digging those tube socks (even if they weren’t in the original!).

See the full scene at Falcon!


4 thoughts on “Hot Falcon Prison Sex: Then & Now!”

  1. I’d take the vintage porn in a HEARTBEAT. I just don’t get this Baxx character. Clearly G4P, … at least he agrees to eat ass… but NO kissing!! He could never kiss another guy. That would be “too gay”. Not a great performer. The bottom is hot though.

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