Sumner Blayne, Eli Shaw

Hot Jock Sumner Blayne and His Big Dick Make Falcon Debut

When I first laid eyes on Sumner Blayne last summer during his studio debut at Sean Cody, I had to wipe the drool off my chin. Since then, he’s appeared in a handful of scenes at the studio, showing off his killer smile, handsome face, hot bod and big dick. And now he’s taking it up a notch!

Sumner makes his Falcon debut in Into You, and I’m hoping it’s the first of many appearances we see of the stud at Falcon. He’s paired with the very hot and hungry hole of Eli Shaw, also making his first Falcon appearance after getting fucked by Devin Franco in Hot House’s Feel’s So Good a few months ago.

Sumner Blayne Sumner Blayne, Eli Shaw

Sumner Blayne, Eli Shaw Sumner Blayne, Eli Shaw

Eli starts by slurping on Sumner’s big and beautiful cock (I love how thick and straight it is!), then gets his smooth hole munched before spreading his ass wide. The hottest shot is the sit-down fuck, as we get a great closeup of Eli’s amazing ass getting split by that hot rod. Also hot is when Eli takes it doggy, an overhead shot looking on his yummy backside and Sumner’s muscular chest and abs (and look at those shoulders pop…fuck yes!).

Sumner Blayne, Eli Shaw Sumner Blayne, Eli Shaw

Sumner Blayne, Eli Shaw Sumner Blayne, Eli Shaw

The bottom then gets on his back to get pounded out, showing off his own tight stomach and thick dick before they squirt. Please keep more Sumner scenes coming…what studio would you like to see him sign with?

See the full scene at Falcon!


16 thoughts on “Hot Jock Sumner Blayne and His Big Dick Make Falcon Debut”

      1. Universal Potentate

        This idiot again. Why are you so interested in everyone’s pics? Include a pic of yourself. You go first.

  1. The photo of the top alone bending over with his ass up in the air and his legs flexed looks like he’s ready to be pounded by a hard dick is so hot. I’m looking at it now while I’m jacking off.

  2. Sumner Blane is deffo my type of guy, harking back to the golden age of Falcon, even his all-American name choice. Love the pic of him holding onto the chair, bent over and presenting … hoping that pose means we will see him bottoming soon

  3. Stop with the lies…

    Sumner Blayne
    STATS: 5’9″, 165lbs, 9″ cock,
    Hard, his dick should raise just short of his navel.
    Facts: It doesn’t. Not Even Close

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