hot guys stroking big loads

CockYourVote: Sebastien or Ledger?

Are you #TeamYum or #TeamCum?

Sebastien is quite the stud of a basketball player. Sean Cody describes as the “handsome man that everybody wants.” No Pinocchio’s this time. The fucker is hot.

ChaosMen brings us Ledger. They say he just “just oozes sex.” What say you? Tall, dark, and hairy V. smooth, exotic, and buff is today’s CockYourVote.

First up, we have Sebastien from Sean Cody

hot guys stroking big loads
Yes, Sean Cody: Sebastien is what a Sean Cody model is supposed to look like. Looks aren’t everything, of course, but Sebastien’s already had him off to a fine start with that hairy body, furry ass, nice dick, and hot face. Supposedly, he’s let a gay friend take a take a taste test. And he does appear as “Bradley” on ChaterBate. But for the odds on him turning up here again? Hope, like his loads, spring eternal.

[Watch the Sebastien at Sean Cody feature]

Then there is Ledger from ChaosMen

hot guys stroking big loads

Ledger is a mix of Spanish and Filipino blood and spends his free time in the gym. He has a girlfriend but has danced in gay bars. She was “fine with him doing ‘gay work.'” but was “too jealous if he was working with women.” I’ll just let hang there. He does unload quite the pile of cum. Think he’ll be back and unload on a bum next time?

[Watch the Ledger at ChaosMen feature]

Are you #TeamYum or #TeamCum?

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