Hot or Not?: Alexander Gustavo’s Dermal Piercings Over His Godawful Crown Tattoo

Ever since he showed up in porn in 2013, Alexander Gustavo’s abdominal crown tattoo has been a source of derision. I mean, it’s pretty ugly, right?

As Alexander explained to The Sword later that year, that crown was actually a cover-up tattoo because he and an ex (stupidly) had each others’ names tattooed there, above each others’ cocks — I guess to stake their claims?

Ah, youth. Anyway, rather than taking a bit of criticism and perhaps revising the crown tattoo into something less ridiculous, Alexander said “Fuck nah,” and he’s decided to celebrate thing and bling it up.

As QueerPornNation noticed a bit ago, Alexander went and got dermal piercings for each of the crown’s five “jewels,” so now his cock looks like it has five stick-on rhinestones above it, like the kind your aunt uses for crafts, or a 13-year-old girl would put on her face before going to a One Direction show.


You may or may not have noticed them because, for instance, Hot House made him take them out (or he hadn’t gotten them yet) when he shot this scene with Austin Wolf.

But then they let them show in this more recent scene, where Alexander bottomed for Sebastian Kross in Monumental Ass.



And now this week we see him in a new scene for Next Door Buddies with Rod Peterson where, yep, they’re still there, and super distracting, and stupid. Also dumb: the name of the scene, which is Breakfast Sausage.

Also, note that he’s now swapped out the plain rhinestones for multi-colored jewels. Because: classy.





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[Next Door Buddies: Breakfast Sausage]

5 thoughts on “Hot or Not?: Alexander Gustavo’s Dermal Piercings Over His Godawful Crown Tattoo”

  1. It’s a race to the bottom in these tattoo wars. Not that anyone would accuse porn actors of making good decisions, either short- or long-term.

  2. Also not to be rude but what is the sexual appeal of this guy i mean look at that face, body would be nice if it didn’t have an ugly ghetto tattoo.

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