Hot or Not?: CocksureMen’s Van Morris a.k.a. Alex Stan

Jake Cruise’s CocksureMen has been importing its scenes from Europe for over a year now, featuring a parade of randos who’ve been given fresh American porn names.

One recent example, who I’m highlighting here because I actually can’t decide if he’s hot or not, has the classic-rock-inspired name of Van Morris — and as has been pointed out before, he’d previously done solo shoots for William Higgins under the name Alex Stan. He’s from Prague, age 22, he’s apparently an electrician, and he said as of October he had visited Germany and “hopes” to visit the U.S. someday.

His Williams Higgins shoot:

For now, he’s just done two gay porn scenes, one as a bottom — which is what he’s listed as on the site — and one as a top.

In the new topping scene, where he fucks a model named Erik Spector. (Van Morris is on the right.)



The thing is he only barely fucks him. Like, his dick isn’t even quite seven inches, but “Erik Spector” can’t take it, apparently, and Van only gets the tip in, for the most part.

Those random European porn producers who sell scenes like this for pennies on the dollar sure can direct!













3 thoughts on “Hot or Not?: CocksureMen’s Van Morris a.k.a. Alex Stan”

  1. I agree with Abaca’s comment – don’t judge Van Morris on this poor CockSureMen video.
    Alex Stan is a newcomer, and his scenes at WilliamHiggins are excellent.
    As Dutch Courage saya, he seems to really like dick, and even eagerly deep throats, which is a rarity in Czech models. He is also completely versatile, and has an ever-hard cock, and loves bdsm, too, as his videos at WillaimHiggins’s sister site Str8Hell testify.
    I’ve seen all of his videos so far, and can’t wait for more :)

  2. Alex is one of the hottest performers at William Higgins. His bottoming scenes are insane. He might have the best ass of all the bottoms at WH. His scenes with Petr Zuska is his best so far.

  3. Although I don’t like his tats this guy is a pretty good performer and it seems he doesn’t dislike a dick up his ass. I haven’t seen his scene for CockSureMen but most of this studio’s scenes that are shot in the Czech Republic are poorly filmed (only 1 camera?) and the guys usually go through the motions without ever showing real intensity.
    Alex Stan can also be seen in William Higgins’ Christmas Wank Party which will be released tomorrow (December 23).

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