Sumner, Jeramiah

Hot Sumner Nights: Studly Newcomer & His 9-Inch Dick Debut at Sean Cody

Wait, didn’t we just meet a hottie with a big 9-inch dick making his studio debut? Yes, we did…his name is Martin, and we’re itching to see more of the Ukrainian’s big juicy cock in action. While we wait, how about another stud with a 9-inch dick making his studio debut?

Meet Sumner (aka Sumner Blayne), a hot jock so handsome and cute I can’t stand it. You may be familiar with his OnlyFans action, which he does along with his equally hot boyfriend Koaty. A few weeks after making his solo debut at Sean Cody, he’s now making his first studio sex scene—and as a bonus, we get to see Jeramiah bottom for the first time at a studio. How damn adorable are these two…?!


Jeramiah, Sumner

Jeramiah, Sumner

Just seeing the two of them talk to each other—showing off those engaging, humorous and charismatic personalities—is wonderful, and they have an obvious connection from the start. And oh yeah, they’re also both hot as fuck. After some suck and rim action, Jeramiah offers up his jock ass. It’s so hot seeing him sit all the way down on Sumner, and I also love seeing the top pin him to the bed (where we also get a great shot of Sumner’s light ass hair as he plows deep).

Jeramiah, Sumner Jeramiah, Sumner

Jeramiah, Sumner

Jeramiah, Sumner

But perhaps the best shot is seeing Jeramiah on his back, his gorgeous bod on display as he takes it before getting coated in two loads. What do you think of newcomer Sumner? (Hey, Sean Cody…show us more of his dick in the trailer! Jeez!)

See the full scene at Sean Cody!


11 thoughts on “Hot Sumner Nights: Studly Newcomer & His 9-Inch Dick Debut at Sean Cody”

  1. Might be betraying my age, but Summer reminds me very much of a VERY young Val Kilmer (as he appeared in the first “Top Gun” movie)…it’s in the eyes. I was obsessed with Kilmer’s sexy brashness…and I like this “new guy” too! LOL

  2. Real big cocks are hot to see in action in gay porn. In my life I kinda prefer about a 5-7 inch cock of average thickness. They give this bottom lots of pleasure and no discomfort and/or pain.

  3. “9” is being more than generous. It makes me laugh that a sexy guy has to have a big dick to sell porn. Just be happy that you are cute guy and in shape, people will watch. Nine, still laughing!

  4. what 9″…..what makes them jocks, lol?? your writing is so confusing, one needs a degree in american speak. why does every queen call themselves a jock? wearing a baseball cap backward while fucking makes you a queen, not a jock! ugh

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