Hot Wrestler Returns To Pin More Booty With His Thick Dick

Most of us first met bearded and beefy grappler Shadow (aka Ty Shadow from Muscle Boy Wrestling) four months ago when he made his studio debut in an aggressive fuck, and now the hot Puerto Rican is finally back to show us more of his alpha attitude.

He’s paired with French cutie Max Lava, who is making his studio debut (and he has already teased his next scene with CutlersDen, a DP threeway with the big dicks of Cutler X and Ian Sterling…I’m already hard just thinking about it).

Shadow, Max Lava Shadow, Max Lava

Right from the start, Shadow takes charge, holding on to Max’s cute face as he fucks his mouth (which he also does later when they take a break from fucking). Shadow then plants his very bushy beard into Max’s ass to warm it up.

Shadow, Max Lava Shadow, Max Lava

The bottom then gets pinned to the bed as he takes the top’s thick cock, Shadow frequently showing off his wrestling skills throughout the scene as he uses his hands and arms to control Max. My favorite shot has Max getting fucked on his back, Shadow jacking off the bottom’s hard cock as he fucks him (and Max has a pretty nice piece himself!). I also love seeing how sweaty Shadow’s body gets, his muscles glistening more and more each minute.

Shadow, Max Lava Shadow, Max Lava

What do you think of these two newcomers?

See the full scene at CutlersDen!


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