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How Hairy Do You Like Your Man’s Hole?

How do you like your partner’s hole? Smooth and hairless? Little fuzz around the rim? Hairy as possible with some hairy cheeks to match?

The newest scene from Muscle Bear Porn features Will Angell, Liam Angell, and Oscar Bear going at it. All three of these hunks and thick and hairy and fucking their hearts out. Personally, I love watching some older hunks go at it and shove their thick daddy dicks into each other’s hairy holes. And that made me think – what does everyone else think about hairy holes? So let’s get a little personal, open some hole polls, and figure out what everyone is into.

Check out the trailer for this hairy hole scene below! Let us know what you think about hairy and smooth holes down in the comments and be sure to watch this entire scene over at Muscle Bear Porn!



21 thoughts on “How Hairy Do You Like Your Man’s Hole?”

  1. I’m a straight woman on here. I just got curious because I myself have a huge ass fetish on men (especially nice firm ones) !!!! I very much love rimming a man’s ass or sometimes pegging if they don’t mind it. I voted #2 – Little to no hair, because I do like some hair meaning I don’t want to lick a bear ass or a baby’s ass – I like some pubic hair where the cock is, some hair on his legs, and some hair around his asshole. The only places I don’t like hair to be is – back, shoulders, and chest…..including his balls!!!

    1. Universal Potentate

      Hello heterosexual woman. Welcome to the land of queens.
      Many of us here are bisexual, often preferring women, but are turned off by Victorian attitudes and sexual prudishness. Glad to see a pegging rimmer among the ranks.
      Please wear your ass fetish loud and proud. Lots of men and women need to hear it.

  2. Matthew Boscher

    I like a man’s ass to be as it should be natural – you wouldn’t stick hair on, so STOP shaving it off

  3. If a guy shaves his pubes, I won’t touch his dick! If he doesn’t have a furry butt, forget it! Shaving his face or his neck is the ONLY acceptable shaving for a REAL MAN. I’m not attracted to children or girls!! Period. For those who think it’s cleaner, try soap and water once in a while.
    No Hair? _ No Thanks!

  4. I like to have my ass hole bare because I don’t like it when my partner takes the hair out of his mouth while licking. In this case, only deal with my ass hole and not the hair. That’s why I think a bare ass hole is better! I think the bald ass hole is also more hygienic because there is no shit left over for better cleaning.

    1. Absolute Rubbish, you play with the boys and get yourself arrested – do not make the hairless male body sexually excepted, as only one type of human male generally has no or little body hair, are boys (stop fiddling with them) and that is disgusting, and so are those blown up unnatural balls

      1. Universal Potentate

        You want to pedo-shame someone into liking hair? That’s desperate, pathetic, wrong headed … seriously, have you been paying attention to the gay rights movement at all? What in the ACTUAL fuck, dude?

  5. Universal Potentate

    Hair is my biggest turn off. If a guy is completely sexy in every other way but has ass hair, especially hole hair, it disgusts me.
    I know many men prefer hair but they don’t mind if a guy is hairless. However, many guys find hair a total turn off. Given that calculus, most men choose to shave.

    1. Universal Potatohead – Shaved men disgust me. STOP making up phony facts to try to justify your opinions. Show your documentation to prove it. Most men DO NOT choose to shave!

      1. Universal Potentate

        You know there’s a survey above, right?
        1 & 2 Little to no hair – 36%
        3 & Don’t care – 33%
        4 & 5 Hair Jungle – 31%

        1. Universal Potatohead – Yes there’s a survey….READ IT! 53% of men NEVER shave their hole! Most men DO NOT choose to shave. Stop making up stuff.

          1. Universal Potentate

            And the other poll, how hairy is your hole says
            1 & 2 – little to no hair is 37%
            3 – moderate hair is 33%
            4 & 5 – lots of hair is 30%
            If most people have little hair, why would they shave?
            Also younger people who are less likely to be in monogamous relationships and more likely to play the field are more likely to want to appear attractive to the group of guys they’re looking to attract (more likely to be men in their own age bracket).
            Now that we’ve looked at the statistics of this survey, and that older men statistically skew towards hair, and likely people responding are older (a Twitter poll might reveal what a younger crowd thinks), I’m not sure after all that what point exactly you’re trying to make!
            I like what I like. You like what you like. This isn’t a political stance. No one is better or worse for it. The economy will not collapse if shaven or hairy asses become the order of the day. This issue seems important to you. I JUST find it interesting and am happy to share my preferences within the context of a civil conversation with mature adults who have perspective on this issue.
            Name calling like “Universal Potatohead” clearly demonstrates a PROFOUND misunderstanding of the nature of this conversation.
            The proper response would be something like “I like hair. Let’s discuss why.” not “YOU’RE MANIPULATING THE NUMBERS FOR YOUR OWN AGENDA, YOU POOPY FACE!!”
            Please note this distinction for future conversations.

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