Dylan Hayes, Morgxn Thicke

How Hot is Dylan Hayes Riding Morgxn Thicke’s Big Dick?!

Ever since I stumbled upon Morgxn Thicke on Twitter some three years ago, I was instantly in love. This man is everything, and for a long time we could only see their work on the likes of his fan platforms (like that hot flip fuck with Logan Stevens that we drooled over in 2020).

Then earlier this month, it finally—and gloriously—happened: Morgxn made their long-awaited studio debut, fucking fellow fuzzy and hung stud Drew Valentino in Raging Stallion’s Take Off. It was even more wonderful than I had dreamed about for years, and I prayed to the Gay Porn Gods that we wouldn’t have to wait long for the muscle stud’s next studio scene. Enter Men.com to the rescue!

Dylan Hayes, Morgxn Thicke Morgxn Thicke

Dylan Hayes, Morgxn Thicke

Twink Dylan Hayes is canvassing door to door to get support for his local representative, but Morgxn has other ideas. The mere site of this big hairy daddy and the excited twink is enough to get me excited (how sexy are they together?!), and the two play their roles perfectly…with Dylan unable to resist the very big and very thick bulge that is pitching a tent in Morgxn’s towel.

Dylan Hayes, Morgxn Thicke Dylan Hayes, Morgxn Thicke

Dylan Hayes, Morgxn Thicke

Dylan soon has his lips wrapped around that beautiful cock, and as we’ve seen time and again, Morgxn also loves to suck dick, so he gives the cutie’s sweet cock some attention. Then Morgxn exerts control again, fucking the bottom with that amazing bod of his (I love seeing Morgxn’s midsection gyrate when he fucks…he gets into such a hot rhythm!). Dylan stays rock hard when he sits down and rides Morgxn (the visual of their two big shafts lined atop each other is mouth watering), and then the bottom gets a yummy facial.

I have a long list of people I want to see Morgxn work with, and hoe he has a huge year!

See the full scene at Men.com!


8 thoughts on “How Hot is Dylan Hayes Riding Morgxn Thicke’s Big Dick?!”

  1. This was actually a very good scene from MEN. They’d be smart to keep Morgan around and let him do more scenes. I really loved the fact that there weren’t screaming women or some over the top plot.

  2. It’s hot watching sexy cock hungry little Dylan Hayes getting all the good dick he wants and so deserves.

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