Brian Bonds, Rudy Gram, Harold Lopez

How Many Facials Can Brian Bonds Take in One Month?

For a great facial ratio in any given month, you really need to get on your knees for some bukkake fun (just ask Evan Knoxx about his fraternity fantasy or Beau Butler about his birthday). But other performers prefer to get their facials the old-fashioned way—one at a time. Which brings us to the very wet summer of Brian Bonds.

Brian has racked up three facials already this month (including one from himself!) at Lucas Entertainment, where he’s bent over for a few big dicks. Which of these fucks (and facials) is your favorite?

Rudy Gram Sucks & Fucks w/ Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds, Rudy Gram Brian Bonds, Rudy Gram

Brian Bonds, Rudy Gram

I am infatuated with Rudy Gram, one of the most underrated studs in the business today. The Italian Stallion has a bod and dick that won’t quit, and that furry face…fuck yes. I’m also infatuated with Brian’s fat cock, and continually marvel of how hard he is as he gets pounded. Rudy also sucks on it in a hot oral exchange (where Brian oinks like a pig as he slurps that uncut Italian sausage) before bending the bottom over, at one point jacking Brian’s thick rod as he fucks him (so hot!). Brian also jacks his steel shaft as he sits down on Rudy, who feeds him his fingers at the same time in this aggressive fuck (watch out for some pit licking by Brian near the end before he gets his face creamed).

See Rudy fuck Brian at Lucas Entertainment!

Harold Lopez Pumps Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds, Harold Lopez Brian Bonds, Harold Lopez

Brian Bonds, Harold Lopez

Meet Harold Lopez, a 6-foot-1 smooth stud with big biceps and pecs (that chest and stomach!)…and a 9-and-a-half-inch uncut cock. Harold made his debut last month in a few Lucas scenes, and we’re thrilled to see more of him. The action here starts with a familiar site: Brian with his tongue buried in an armpit (oink oink!). The sub is soon gagging as he gets his face fucked, with Harold also getting a few licks in on the sub’s girthy slab (I love when total tops aren’t afraid to suck!). Brian grips the mattress as he gets pinned to the bed, then turns over and curls his toes as he takes it some more (once again jacking off his meaty boner as he takes it). A few yummy facials close out the action (self-facials are are a favorite of mine!).

See Harold fuck Brian at Lucas Entertainment!

Which scene is your favorite?

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