How Often Do You Practice ‘The Art of Swallowing’?

It’s a good week for NakedSword fans! Just a couple of days ago, we just told you about the debut trailer for Fist First, the new fetish film from NakedSword X Club Inferno that features an all-star cast of gaping twinks, and now, it’s already time to talk about a whole new movie trailer from the boys at “the Netflix of gay porn”!

Next week, the site is set to debut The Art of Swallowing, a movie that features four vignettes that, as you probably could have guessed, show a deep appreciation for a man’s seed and The Art of Swallowing. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Marc MacNamara, Swallowing features the talents of Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Luca del Rey along with some truly hung stars like JJ Knight, Sonny Blonde, and Luka Phoenix. Plus, this film also features the NakedSword Originals debuts of Travis Connor, Andre Bedford, Phoenix Ocean, and Matty West.

The full trailer to The Art of Swallowing just dropped on NakedSword’s official Twitter account yesterday and, as you can see below, is packed with everything from fat cocks to plump eggplants, sweaty gym crush fantasies, DTF chefs, and, of course, some delicious loads. It’s got everything these porn stars need to show their intense dedication to something as sacred as The Art of Swallowing!

The first scene from Swallowing makes its world debut one week from today. So go ahead and watch the film’s trailer below, let us know which scene you’re most excited to watch down in the comments, and be sure to click over to on Wednesday, October 11 to see The Art of Swallowing‘s cum-soaked premiere with Travis Connor and Sonny Blonde.

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24 thoughts on “How Often Do You Practice ‘The Art of Swallowing’?”

  1. i love to suck cock and really love it when a guy is about to bust his nut and he pulls his cock out of my mouth and says “stick out your tongue” and then shoots that hot sticky load on my tongue and into my mouth. It never fails to make ME cum.

  2. Well, cum does not taste like ice cream ( more like oysters to me ) but I find it highly erotic to swallow and so have my boyfriends.

    1. Big Gay Cum Freak Andy

      I love the taste and the feeling of cum, the warmth of it, the sensation of fresh hot cum hitting my face, hitting my tongue, running down my throat, but I also love to taste and feel a hot, hard cock throbbing and pulsating in my mouth.

  3. I learned the hard way to always check for any leftover ‘evidence’ after I blew this hot college dude on my way to work and didn’t realize I still had him around my mouth and in my goatee. That just confirmed to the gossip gang at work that I was the ‘resident whore’……I never lived that down…lol

  4. Big Gay Cum Freak Andy

    I looooove for a guy to straddle my face, shoot his load into my mouth and onto my face, then lay on top of me, lick his cum off my face, then insert his tongue into my mouth and force-feed me his fresh, hot manmilk. My favorite sex act!!!

  5. There are two “special men” in my life, luckily. I HAPPILY swallow every drop of their wonderful, hot, fresh, seed! LOL…easy extra dose of a “protein smoothie.” WOOF.

    1. My boyfriend loves it when I swallow. It’s all part of the blowjob I give him on a twice daily basis. I am very skilled at fellatio and he only wants oral sex. He jokes that the more cum I swallow, the stronger it will make me. I don’t care that it’s just his story, I love it.

      1. Can I ask how you feel about sex without penetration? I mean I like to give loads to guys I have sex with, but it’s always difficult to decide how. I mean I love feeding them cum and watch them swallow, but fucking them until I cum while inside them is fun too!

        1. I do not like anal penetration so I became a champion at fellatio. My partners always were turned on because I enjoyed sucking them as much as they enjoyed being sucked. There is also mouth fucking which many men find very satisfying. After I suck off my boyfriend, he takes a few minutes and recovers and then he gets really excited watching as his dick slowly fucks my mouth. The visuals are a huge turn on . His thrusts eventually get faster and more vigorous as he continues to feed me his stuff dick. Sometimes he pulls out and comes on my face and then scoops up the cum and feeds it to me and other times he stays in my mouth and I happily swallow his juice. I guess I have an oral fixation but then my partners are always eager for their next time my mouth works on their member. And I never have turned them down when they want a good long suck.

          1. Thanks Jon! I can see the appeal of oral sex especially when my boy seems to enjoy giving it so much. Yeah the visual can be quite a turn on. I enjoy cumming in his mouth but have yet to force the juice down his throat yet, idk he seems to refrain from doing it. But I guess I’m glad he’s always eager to let his ass be penetrated for our pleasure!

          2. Remember DEEP THROAT? Supposedly that girl had a clitoris in her throat…..maybe you have your prostate gland in your throat!

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