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UPDATE 4/23: Due to technical issues, some activation emails were not being sent to new users attempting to register, so commenting registration was turned off last week. As of today, it’s back on. For those users who’ve already registered, already received an activation email, and already verified an account, your same logins will still work. For new users who’ve never registered or never received an activation email, please follow the instructions below. Be sure to look in your junk or spam mail folder, as some registration emails may end up there, depending on your email settings. And, as always, email me or tweet me if you’re having any problems. Thanks!


Hello! As you may have already noticed, The Sword installed a new comment verification system today. This is to help weed out some of you who are jerks.

In order to now comment on The Sword, simply pick a username (it can be whatever you want) and password, register your email address, then click the activation link in the email you receive from The Sword. That’s it. You’re now a registered user. (Note: Your email address will not be shared with anyone and will remain private.) Once you’ve clicked the activation link in your email, you’ll be taken to your profile page here on The Sword, but you don’t need to fill anything else out unless you want to. Whenever you come back to comment, just use the username/password you already set up.

While this won’t eliminate all the disruptive trolls (and don’t get me wrong, I appreciate artful trolling that is clever, edgy, and offensive) who can easily register multiple emails/usernames, it will eliminate some of the “drive-by” anonymous commenters who perhaps don’t have the patience to set up fake profiles.

With this new comment verification system comes a reminder of the types of comments NOT approved here:

-Comments that reveal private information (whether it’s true, speculative, or false) about an individual will not be approved. This can include “real names” of performers, medical information, family/personal information, and anything else about an individual that The Sword deems private.

-Comments that include violent threats or intimidating language toward performers, other commenters, or anyone else will not be approved.

-Comments that are egregiously disruptive with the intent to drive away other commenters will not be approved.

-Comments that are off-topic or about other posts/subjects will not be approved.

-Comments with links to other sites/blogs will not be approved unless they are relevant to the post’s subject matter.

-Comments about why your comment wasn’t approved will not be approved.

These are most of the types of comments that won’t be approved, but keep in mind that The Sword reserves the right to not approve any comment for any reason. The Sword also reserves the right to edit any comment, and then approve it. In short, if your comment is made in good faith and doesn’t maliciously break any of the above rules, it will almost certainly be published. For most of you, nothing will change with regard to your comments being published here. For some of you, it might be time to grow up…or go start your own blog where you can say whatever you want.

The Sword values free speech and uncensored discussion above all else, but not at the expense of others who come here to be entertained and to interact with one another. If for any reason you feel your comment was unfairly deleted or if you have any problems activating your username/password, please email me. Thank you.



8 thoughts on “How To Leave A Comment On The Sword”

  1. Beyonces Turd Piles Might Block Out The Sun

    UHHHH, please put down your flip phone and get off MySpace, my troll titties are down a full 1 1/2 cup sizes since the photo above was snapped.

    1. Liza with a Zzzzz

      SXG- When Zach initiated that policy the comments stopped coming in and people were peaved in a monumental way.

      How can a person express a vitriolic opinion or counterstance to one when they have to own up to it as a unique entity that might be targetted in a further comment section?

    2. Liza with a Zzzzz

      My point was that I dont think he’s following through with it for the sake of Freedom of Expression.

  2. I understand why you enabled a login system. I hope it doesn’t drive away some of the funny and smart ass readers whose comments make this site a multiple times a day check in. I know you can bring the sarcasm, Zach, but the comments really bring the snark.

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