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Asker & You Shall Receive

If you want to top Aarin Asker and he says, “yes,” what you will receive might just be the dick ride of your life. For a more official confirmation, just ask Hoytt Walker.

“Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!” from Raging Stallion is back with their second scene with the perfect casting of Aarin Asker and Hoytt Walker.

These aren’t “good boys” slapping on some leather and pretending to be bad. These are bad boys with an edge who bring it today and further advance Raging Stallion’s return to being the home of “the rugged, natural man” with two men who embody that mission on-screen and off.

hoytt walker aaron asker raging stallionIt was last summer that Aarin first appeared on Raging Stallion in a scorcher of a scene where he took all Bravo Delta had to offer and could have gone for more. Today, there’s a quietly sultry and overtly sexual need be brings today. And while Hoytt Walker is newish to the scene, he knows a good thing when he sees it. And in the case today, takes it.

hoytt walker aaron asker raging stallionHoytt Walker is pissing in a trough and as he shakes off his dick, Aarin Asker walks up in his jockstrap. Hoytt’s big, low-hangers are soon banging away on Aarin’s chin. Aaron is a master at dirty talking. But once Hoytt’s bushy beard is saying hello to his ass lips, all even he can do is moan.

hoytt walker aaron asker raging stallionHoytt bends him over a barrel and slips his right in balls deep. Both sets of their balls swing and slap against each other as Hoytt flips Aarin over and goes even deeper and faster.

hoytt walker aaron asker raging stallionHoytt reams Aarin’s hole until Aarin drains his balls all over his fur-covered abs. Hoytt follows immediately and sprays Aarin’s thick, black pubes until they are looking like frosted flakes. Then Aarin rises up to see if Hoytt’s beard really is a flavor savor. Bone Appetit!

[Watch Asker & Hoytt in “Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!” scene two at Raging Stallion]

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