“Largo País” = Hung Country

Hector de Silva, Abraham Al Malek, Emir Boscatto, Antonio Micale, and Sergyo Caruso show us there’s not a mythical land where all of the men are hot. It’s Spain.

We learned something over the last months.

The only thing more breathtaking than the Spanish landscape of “Hung Country” are the horny men who inhabit it. And each other.

Raging Stallion has played our guide and today, Emir Boscatto and Sergyo Caruso brings it on home in the finale.

First, it was Abraham Al Malek and Hector de Silva who showed us hot it can be.

[Watch Abraham Al Malek & Hector de Silva in “Hung Country” scene one]

Then Emir Boscatto and Dani Robles proved a hard dick and a hungry hole are equally delicious in any language.

[Watch Emir Boscatto & Dani Robles in “Hung Country” scene two]

Last week Martin Mazza learned the hard way that Antonio’s dick is a fucking miracle indeed.

[Watch Antonio Miracle & Martin Mazza in “Hung Country” scene three]

And today, Emir Boscatto brings Sergyo Caruso down to the basement for some dirty action.

hung country raging stallion big spanish dicksThe basement looks like a medieval dungeon. Emir is the master of this dungeon. And Sergyo Caruso.

hung country raging stallion big spanish dicks“Hung Country” ends as it began: with sexy hombres letting loose with huge loads one after the other.

[Watch Sergyo Caruso & Emir Boscatto in “Hung Country” scene four]

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