Trevor Brooks, Andrew Stark

Hung Daddy Andrew Stark Deep Dicks Trevor Brooks

The return of Andrew Stark to studio porn has arguably been my favorite story of the year, as the hung daddy appeared at the resurrected RandyBlue earlier this year and quickly followed it up with a flip fuck in the NakedSword Originals’ Swords saga. But his new scene is arguably the best of them all!

In another new RandyBlue effort, Andrew is paired with Trevor Brooks—who we all know is a fan of big-dicked daddies (watch him get owned by Dom King as proof). This is advertised as a “bonus scene” for the CockyBoys collab Boys Will Be Boys, although it’s perhaps the best scene of the film. Trevor walks in on Andrew, who is stroking his big dick and looks at the voyeur with a handsome smile (what a vision this is!).

Trevor Brooks, Andrew Stark Andrew Stark

Andrew Stark Trevor Brooks, Andrew Stark

Trevor Brooks, Andrew Stark Trevor Brooks, Andrew Stark

Trevor is soon slurping that big dick, and Andrew starts to get nice and verbal as he slides into him. The spoon fuck with both of them rock hard—Trevor stroking his boner as he takes it—is stunning, my favorite part of the scene. The bottom also takes a pounding from behind, moaning “That’s your fucking hole!” with his face buried in the sheets (“Say it louder!” demands Andrew).

Trevor Brooks, Andrew Stark

Trevor Brooks, Andrew Stark

Trevor Brooks, Andrew Stark

Trevor Brooks, Andrew Stark Trevor Brooks, Andrew Stark

The bottom stays rock hard, his cock bouncing as he sits down on Andrew (“Use my dick!”) and braces himself on daddy’s big pecs. Trevor is still rock hard when he gets on his back, stroking as Andrew gets close—the top soon dumping a big load on the bottom’s face. Thank the lord Andrew’s return isn’t a one-off…I hope we continue to see more and more of him! Who would you like to see him in a scene with next?

See the full scene at RandyBlue!


7 thoughts on “Hung Daddy Andrew Stark Deep Dicks Trevor Brooks”

    1. So true! Andrew Stark’s comeback is ridiculous. He’s boring as hell. He is clearly only there for the money because his ill will is notorious.

  1. Trevor Brooks shines in the scene. He has a beautiful butt and an amazing asshole. Andrew Stark is an old mummy looking to rise from the ashes. And, please, more photos of assholes! They are the best.

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