Bruce Beckham, Dom King

Hung Daddy Heaven: Dom King Fucks Bruce Beckham

No, seriously…have I died and gone to heaven? How else to explain the bliss washing over my body at the site of Dom King and Bruce Beckham—two of the hottest hung muscle daddies ever in the biz—naked together?

Bruce has been pretty selective with his studio output since 2020 (fucking pandemic bullshit), and we only saw him three times last year (including his only scene of 2023, when he “virtually” fucked Joey Mills). So it’s a wonderful surprise to see him making his 2024 studio debut, and undoubtedly because he wanted to get some of that Dom dick (cause who wouldn’t?!).

Dom King Bruce Beckham

Bruce Beckham, Jake Preston, Dom King Bruce Beckham, Jake Preston, Dom King

Bruce Beckham, Dom King

And as a bonus, we get a little Jake Preston action! The fun begins at a barbecue, where Jake wants to stray from BF Dom and get a taste of Bruce’s hot dog. Which he does, under the table…causing Dom to go all Hulk and smash the table to the ground. But when Dom catches a glimpse of naked Bruce inside, he wants that hot dog, too (cause who wouldn’t?!).

Bruce Beckham, Dom King Bruce Beckham, Dom King

Bruce Beckham, Dom King Bruce Beckham, Dom King

Bruce Beckham, Dom King

Bruce gets a taste of that big Dom cock, then offers up his beautiful bod for the taking. Dom licks that smooth hole, gets a taste of Bruce’s bratwurst, then fucks that muscle ass. I love seeing these two beautiful men going at it, especially when Bruce sits his big bod down on that cock, looking into Dom’s eyes as he rides. And Bruce gets even more handsome (wait, is that possible?!) when he takes a Dom load to his matinee idol face. (Can we get a threesome with these two spit roasting a bottom next please?!)

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13 thoughts on “Hung Daddy Heaven: Dom King Fucks Bruce Beckham”

  1. Stop with the lame stories, we’re adults, just give us some good hot sex pornography. They’re not stars or actors just hot queer men getting it on with other men and we want to see their dicks duke it out.

  2. Ok this is hotter than I thought it would be…just wondering do these guys get into a four-way fuck feast? It would be like Twink Trade to make LeGrand Wolf lose his boner!

    1. Wow this is easily one of the best scenes in a long, long time. Bruce Beckham is spectacular and has truly
      aged better than the vast majority of porn stars of the last 20 years. Actually, he’s aged better than most men his age, period. We are lucky Bruce is still in porn.

  3. Big Gay Anti-Beard Andy

    As hot as Dom is, he’d be even hotter if he were clean-shaven like the other three guys.

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