Hung Kane Fox Gets Fuzzy Bottom Calvin Banks Nice and Wet

Since we only get a few Calvin Banks‘ studio scenes these days, we need to savor every second. We just got to see him fuck hottie Hazel Hoffman with his big dick, and now the veteran is back on bottom as he bends over for Kane Fox!

You get the sense that Calvin is just doing this for fun now, and working with people he wants to work with. That closeness and connection is apparent here, as the two put on a hot show filled with big dicks and dirty talk!

Kane Fox, Calvin Banks Kane Fox, Calvin Banks

Kane Fox, Calvin Banks Kane Fox, Calvin Banks

Kane Fox, Calvin Banks Kane Fox, Calvin Banks

Calvin starts splayed out on the couch, ass ready for some service as Kane gets to work licking both his hole and his big pole as the two get nice and verbal with each other (which intensifies as the scene continues: “You’re so fucking sexy!”). Kane spits down on that hole and slides his long dong inside when Calvin begs for it. The bottom gets pinned down before getting on his side, then the two take a smooch break.

Kane Fox, Calvin Banks Kane Fox, Calvin Banks

Kane Fox, Calvin Banks Kane Fox, Calvin Banks

Kane Fox, Calvin Banks Kane Fox, Calvin Banks

After some stroking, Calvin gets to work slurping Kane’s cock—getting a taste of his own ass off that shaft. Calvin then wants some more, so he sits down on that dick as Kane grabs the bottom’s ass cheeks. Calvin gets on all fours to take it, then gets on his back—his own big dick nice and plump (“Just fuck me, baby!”). Their heads graze each other as they stare into each other’s eyes and kiss, the two then coating the bottom in their loads.

I wish this was a flip (Kane has morphed into quite a bottom!), but will take every second we get of these two together. Do you prefer Calvin as a top or bottom?

See the full scene at ColbyKnox!


28 thoughts on “Hung Kane Fox Gets Fuzzy Bottom Calvin Banks Nice and Wet”

        1. That’s because he looks dead. Just horrible. He is not attractive, and keeps looking worse every time he surfaces. He is NOT aging well.

          1. thats why no major studio works with him. will sometimes throw him a bone but that’s probably to fill the diversity asian quota.

  1. Blue in Alabama

    The perfect foreplay would be to give Calvin a slap in the face—a hard one—to wipe off that smirk. I’d join to watch that.

  2. Calvin Banks…i love u….he is one of the nicest persons on social media….and we all get older….he is sexy….get some sun…

  3. Universal Potentate

    Oh shit! Calvin’s getting some middle age spread going. He’s gonna have to check that. He’s in the pretty boi business.

    1. Middle age spread for sure……except he’s only 27. Doughy, flabby and that greasy pile of badly cut hair on his head.

      1. 27?! Phew no wonder none of the major studios want to work with him. A shame how once a man gains some weight they become untouchable to studios

        1. Universal Potentate

          God! 27? I thought he was 33
          Yup! Just checked. Feb 21st, 1997. He is just not focusing on his fitness right now. Hope he cleans up his diet and his hair & body hair soon.

          1. You just checked?? You really care that much where you would google and do research to find his birthday? Dude…. get a life.

          2. Universal Potentate

            Ah right. You find logic and facts repugnant. Perhaps the adult website is too mature for you. Why not try The Teletubbies or a Trump rally?
            The adults were talking. Do sit quietly and do not interrupt, little one.

    2. He’s fine. He just isn’t very toned.

      You queers are never happy with anything. Even if it’s to your exacting standard.

        1. Doing what?? Taste tester for Hostess? I hope he has a back up career because his porn career is down the drain. He really looks like shit.

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