Hung Lane Colten Bottoms for Gino Zanetti’s Big Bushy Dick

I’m making the official proclamation: Any scene with Lane Colten in it is a must-see. Period. We’ve seen this versatile stud top, bottom and flip, and he is amazing at each position. In his second scene for GuysinSweatpants (following that amazing threeway from earlier this year that got a GayVN nomination), we get a rare look at his total bottom side.

“I was just a hole today,” smiles Lane after getting fucked hard. “I’ve never filmed a scene like that.” Lucky for us, the top here is Gino Zanetti, a handsome furry fucker with a big bushy dick. The two are magnetic from the start, and just a simple shot of Lane getting his head cradled in Gino’s hairy forearm is so sexy. Then we get to see the two of them yanking each other’s big boners, with Lane soon diving down to suck the stud’s meat. Already, I’m pre-cumming (sorry, did I overshare?).

Gino Zanetti, Lane Colten Gino Zanetti, Lane Colten

Lane spits down a big wad on Gino’s sizable slap, Gino admiringly looking at him and then rubbing his hand on Lane’s scruffy face as he gets sucked. A thousand times yes to all of these visuals! (I’m obsessed with Gino’s fur, especially those legs.) Gino then simultaneously fingers Lane’s hole and strokes his big dick from underneath as he prepares to fuck him.

Gino Zanetti, Lane Colten Gino Zanetti, Lane Colten

Lane gets pinned to the bed by that big cock, then looks up at Gino and cups the top’s balls as he gets fucked on his side. We also get some passionate kissing as Gino spits down and strokes their dicks together (lord yes!), and Gino also gets some slurps in on Lane’s slab. Lane gets on his back to take more dick, and that gives us one of the hottest visual of all: Lane rock hard and stroking as he gets fucked, talking dirty with that sexy voice of his as he stares into Gino’s eyes, the top’s hand behind Lane’s neck. Lane is also rock hard as he takes it in the spoon position, the shots of their two boners lined up making me drool. (And Lane looks even sexier coated in cum!)

Gino Zanetti, Lane Colten Gino Zanetti, Lane Colten

This is arguably my favorite GiSP duo of the year, and I dare you to watch the trailer and not be turned on. Fantastic pairing and scene!

See the full scene at GuysinSweatpants!


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