Vincent O'Reilly, Sonny Blonde

Hung Newcomer Sonny Blonde Simultaneously Sucks & Fucks Vincent O’Reilly

We’re still marveling at the positions hung and limber Spikey Dee just worked himself into, including getting two dicks into his mouth at the same time (plot twist: one of them is his own!), and seeing him suck himself as he gets fucked by hot daddy Bruce Jones. And now another performer has an impressive display of flexibility to show off!

Meet ripped and hung newcomer Sonny Blonde, making his studio debut in Hot House’s Make It Last—an appropriate vehicle for his name considering the film is a companion piece to Falcon’s Endless Summer. While this is Sonny’s studio debut, you may know him from his clip-site work like OnlyFans (among his memorable encounters is fucking Rhyheim Shabazz). Here he gets paired with the always fantastic Vincent O’Reilly.

Vincent O'Reilly, Sonny Blonde Vincent O'Reilly, Sonny Blonde

Vincent O'Reilly, Sonny Blonde Vincent O'Reilly, Sonny Blonde

Vincent O'Reilly, Sonny Blonde

Under the sunshine, Vincent gets on his knees to suck his bud’s big uncut cock. Sonny has a girthy slab that looks very challenging, and he shows off his dom side when he holds the back of Vincent’s head and fucks his face—making the sucker gulp and gag. Vincent gets impressive depth on that beast, and works up a nice spitty mess. Sonny then slurps on Vincent’s hole before fucking him from behind, pinning the bottom down as Vincent’s boner grinds against the ground (and check out the hot sequence of Vincent sliding back on that dick).

Vincent O'Reilly, Sonny Blonde Vincent O'Reilly, Sonny Blonde

Vincent O'Reilly, Sonny Blonde

Vincent O'Reilly, Sonny Blonde Vincent O'Reilly, Sonny Blonde

But the scene’s signature shot comes when a hard Vincent (look at how big and stiff his dick is!) sits down on Sonny’s big cock—and the top leans down to suck the bottom as he fucks him. Vincent slides up and down to impressively ride dick and fuck face at the same time. Bravo! (For more recent simultaneous suck-and-fuck action, check out Sean Xavier with Daniel Evans, and Aiden Ward with Land Colten). Vincent then gets covered in cum as he gets fucked on his back. I can’t wait to see more from Sonny!

Have you topped and sucked at the same time?

See the full scene at Hot House!


20 thoughts on “Hung Newcomer Sonny Blonde Simultaneously Sucks & Fucks Vincent O’Reilly”

  1. Sonny Blonde and Vincent O´Reilly are both gorgeous, but they need to remove all that very tacky ink. I don´t understand why someone pays to ruin the own body.

  2. Big Gay Tattoo-Hating Andy

    These guys are both very attractive, and the suck-and-fuck thing is very impressive indeed, but the whole thing is ruined for me by all those — you guessed it! — fuckin’ ugly tattoos!

    Why, lord, why, WHYYYYY?????

    1. Universal Potentate

      Because Andy the rest of us enjoy their body art. You’re not even a minority on this issue. It’s just you.
      But hey! You keep screaming into the void, my guy!

      1. Unie Potey, that is simply untrue. I’ve seen several other guys post here that they hate tattoos as much as I do. So your attempt to ostracize me just fell flat!

        1. Universal Potentate

          OMG! You are talking to your alts. Literally no one has this problem BUT YOU!
          Like I said, keep screaming into that void. It’s just getting SO OLD!

  3. Love Vince although he bottoms most times he does top now & then. Even better when he gets fucked his big dick remains hard. He is one of those guys whose ass I would love to eat after he has been fucked.

    1. he IS gorgeous, prefer him to bottom an love to see him kiss. But this current hairstyle and colpour? Yikes, he looks like a trans

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