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Hung UK Hunk Joel Hart Signs Six-Movie Deal with Falcon | NakedSword

If you’re like us and have been craving even more from UK newcomer Joel Hart, then you’re in luck! It was just revealed today that Falcon | NakedSword is continuing its partnership with the tattooed performer by announcing that he’s been signed on for an exclusive six-movie deal.

“Joel Hart is one of the industry’s most exciting new imports, and we’re thrilled to be his home-away-from-home,” said Falcon | NakedSword President and CEO Tim Valenti. “Aside from the obvious – his gorgeous face, rock-hard body and fiery personality – Joel has sexual energy that almost transcends any filmed medium.”

While Joel is still relatively new to the world of gay porn, you’ve probably already seen him put his XL dick to good use over on NakedSword in two different scenes. Officially released late last year and just earlier this month, Joel made his gay porn debut with two scenes from director Alter Sin and NakedSword Originals. Those bareback vids showed Joel’s uncut cock getting the chance to top stars like Dean Young and Bastian Karim. If you need to catch up on those, you can watch both scenes right here.

So what are your hot thoughts on NakedSword’s big move with Joel?? Who do you want to see this hunk fuck throughout his six-picture deal? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out all of this newcomer’s studio work right now over on NakedSword!

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UPDATE 01/19/23 – This post previously mentioned a NakedSwordLive show that Joel Hart would appear in. The cast of the show has since changed – you can go here to see the updated lineup – but we’re told that fans will still be able to see Joel in an upcoming NakedSwordLive show sometime in the near future!

Check back here in the coming weeks and we’ll let you know everything you need to know about that show once it’s announced.


20 thoughts on “Hung UK Hunk Joel Hart Signs Six-Movie Deal with Falcon | NakedSword”

    1. Facial tattoos that are not art (eg part of a wider and coherent design) are a sign of poor decision making and low intelligence. Only idiots and fools have random crap scrawled over their face. And I’m no boomer, I just loathe this trend for ruining handsome faces with inappropriate ink.

      1. What all this says to me, ITCHy, is that you HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE! because if YOU DID, you wouldn’t destroy any moral decency you might’ve once had by spewing your negativity and naysaying all across this page in order to PUT DOWN OTHER PEOPLE! WTF!

        You don’t know the first fucking clue about this dude and his life experience – or anything else for that matter. Your vitriol is unwelcome on this site, dude!! So why don’t you FUCK OFF BACK TO THE RESTHOME before they realize you got out and start looking for you with that little white shirt they like to use!!! Sayonara!

        1. (oh and btw, I’m a motherfucking boomer and I’m about 30% covered in ink, so quit with all the cliche stereotypes by fat, dickless wonders who have nothing better to do with their existence than tear other people down – FUCK THAT & FUCK YOU!)

        2. If you wanna find that attractive then that’s totally on you and fine by me. I stand by my opinion – I find those random types of facial tattoos aesthetically silly and they detract, in this instance, from a face that actually has an interesting and handsome mix of delicate and masculine features.

          If I want to question someone’s intelligence (for whatever reason) that’s also my prerogative, your dislike of my opinion is your prerogative and doesn’t bother me at all. Take good care of yourself, x

  1. Why do they run this blog if they don’t listen to their fans and customers? What metrics do they use to justify getting bad/unsightly performers?

  2. What an absolute joke. Another trashed G4P with stupid tattoos and an absolute lack of passion. He’s boring to watch and we all know he’s there to keep the female viewers happy. Tim Valenti seems to like to piss money down the drain.

    1. He lives in the UK. We don’t have the crazy American need to judge people’s abilities to do a job based on their appearance over here. If he had the appropriate skills I’d employ him because I’d rather have a competent employee with some face tattoos than an incompetent one without.

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