Hungry for Some Big Polish Daddy Sausage?

Meet Jacob, a slim and trim Polish daddy with a thick and juicy uncut 9-inch dick. The newcomer made his studio debut this month with two scenes at Timtales, shoving his big hot cock into two very thirsty bottoms. Which one of these scenes looks tastier to you?.

1. Jacob Fucks Gio Pilos

 Jacob, Gio Pilos

 Jacob, Gio Pilos

 Jacob, Gio Pilos  Jacob, Gio Pilos

 Jacob, Gio Pilos

Hot Greek bottom Gio Pilos made his studio debut last year at Timtales getting pounded by hung French fucker Tommy Dreams, but we’re most fond of his DP session taking the hot rods of Tim Kruger and Mario Galeno. In his fifth scene for Timtales, he welcomes daddy Jacob to studio work. The scene gets off to an amazing start, with Gio’s head leaning over the ledge of the bed as he gets a slow, deep and steady face fuck from the daddy’s big dick (and watch Gio’s own boner throb as he sucks…so hot!). The bottom then gets pounded silly by the newcomer.

See Jacob fuck Gio at Timtales!

2. Jacob fucks Michl Amundson

 Jacob, Michl Amundson  Jacob, Michl Amundson

 Jacob, Michl Amundson  Jacob, Michl Amundson

 Jacob, Michl Amundson

Daddy Jacob is back with his big dick and his signature hat, this time to stuff the holes of arguably the most talented bottom at Timtales: Michl Amundson (remember when he got DP-ed while also taking a big dick in the mouth? Bravo!). I love watching Michl slurp on that big cock, and then he takes it up his ass like a champ—including a hot sequence where he’s on his back, his own dick nice and stiff as he takes it.

See Jacob fuck Michl at Timtales!

What do you think of daddy Jacob and his big cock?


7 thoughts on “Hungry for Some Big Polish Daddy Sausage?”

  1. Nice, tight body on that top. The face is definitely ugly/sexy. He’s the guy you call when you’re in the mood for a hot, rough fuck. BUT . . . the shaved pubes and the baseball cap? Yecch.

  2. No no no no! Absolutely not. Nothing can make me unsee that man’s face. Ooof. A big dick cannot make this man slightly acceptable. He looks like he came from the great link, a changeling from the Dominion.

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