I Don’t Think Men.com Understands What Catfish-ing Generally Means

Men.com’s got a new scene coming out tomorrow, Part 1 of a new series, in which JJ Knight “catfishes” Alex Mecum into coming over for sex by using someone else’s photo on Grindr or whatever.

The problem is, Alex Mecum’s reaction is basically like, “Why did you do that? You’re gorgeous.” And yeah, JJ Knight is fucking hot, has a beautiful dick, and he’d never need to catfish anyone.

And I would like Men.com to know, based on the experience of me, everyone I know, and every gay man on earth I’ve never met, this is NEVER how these scenarios turn out, EVER.

People who catfish online either a) will never agree to a meeting because all they ever wanted were your dick pics and some sexting, or b) turn out to be totally hideous and awful, and sex does not happen unless the person being catfished is somehow mentally impaired, or super drunk and lazy in that moment and says, “Whatever you can blow me I guess.”

Instead, JJ invites Alex in and they have a super hot fuck, with Alex happily on the bottom once again. And here I go again wanting the porn fantasy to be less absurdly unrealistic.


Then Part 2, which debuts February 4, isn’t even about catfishing at all. It’s a story about porn fan Addison Graham crushing on porn star Connor Maguire, and finally getting Connor to come fuck him for real.

Again, the real life version of this would be Addison getting hot and bothered for weeks about fucking his porn crush, and then when he finally shows up at the door, it’s some nasty troll with a camera who’s hoping Addison is drunk enough to let him blow him.


[Men.com: Catfish Part 1] (Goes online Jan. 28)
[Men.com: Catfish Part 2] (Goes online Feb. 4)

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