“I Felt Like I was Watching A Bad Sequel To The Movie Alien”

Absurd, ridiculous, gonzo, disgusting, offensive, and really quite charming, it’s “Gag The Fag.” Keep reading at your own risk.

The deliberately insane exploration of a fantasy (a lot of guys like being choked to death on dick) isn’t what bothers me. The use of the word “fag” doesn’t bother me, either. It’s how physically repulsive these guys are. But that’s the point, I guess. Cumming and throwing up at the same time has never been hotter!!

Ryan Starr has enormous lips that make him look like he’s got fat cunt-lips plastered sideways on his face.  He also has a cocky attitude that just begs to be taken down a notch.  This is a common problem with whores who’ve been in dozens of porn movies: They believe that all of their experience sucking dick on camera somehow makes them superior.  How delusional!  I’m proud to say that it only took us a few minutes to wipe the smirk off Ryan’s face and put him in his proper place.  Even better – toward the end as his huge lips are getting worn out, he almost looks like he’s going to cry.  You’ve gotta love it.To humiliate Ryan even more, we shaved off his facial hair, and then I had him drink about a quart of water.  I wanted to see what would happen to someone getting throat-fucked with a belly full of liquid.  Let’s just say the results were explosive – repeatedly explosive.  (Grin.)Jorge and I ended the scene by using his face as a cum dumpster, completing the transformation of Ryan Starr from a cocky porn star fag to a used and degraded piece of shit.  Thanks, Ryan!


Micheal works at Starbucks, and although he likes to take his coffee black, when it comes to dick, he prefers to take it white. Micheal presents himself as a nice, wholesome young man, but don’t be fooled. As demonstrated in the photo to the left, one of his favorite hobbies is blowing sperm bubbles after a white guy drops a load of cum in his mouth. At first, I was disgusted by this little habit of his, but then I saw how Micheal’s black face was the perfect backdrop for gooey blobs of white ejaculatory fluid. I’ve actually come to think of that photo as my first work of African-American art. Not bad for a white guy, eh?My favorite moment is at the end when Micheal takes two loads of cum on his face, blows bubbles of sperm out of his mouth, and then smiles for the camera. He may have started off looking like a nice young man, but by the end of the scene, we’ve transformed him into a piece of cocksucking trash.


And, my favorite:

Diego would probably best be categorized as a pig-whore. I told him not to eat anything before the shoot, but do pigs ever listen? Of course not. They’re too busy oinking and thinking about their next cock. Not only did we get to see what Diego had for lunch, we also got to see part of his dessert – green Mexican candy that he ate right before the shoot. I felt like I was watching a bad sequel to the movie Alien. But as soon as he wiped his mouth, his head was back down on that cock – pronto! Atta boy, Diego! ¿Quieres más verga?


26 thoughts on ““I Felt Like I was Watching A Bad Sequel To The Movie Alien””

  1. Straight porn star Dick Tracy aka Damien Steel aka Mike Hawk (lots of guys use that name) used to work for this series.

  2. haha you guys are crazy , this is hot as hell!! Except when they have eaten before , but those who spit liquid , it’s pretty funny !!

      1. It’s so pleasing when you just learn a new word or phrase then get an opportunity to use it in a sentence. I wonder when I’ll get the opportunity to say “foaming chewbacca” now. I recently saw the film Zombie Stippers and it’s expanded my vocabulary.

  3. There’s a “Gag the Fag” Yahoo Group too and I think the threads are pretty astonishing. I’ll paste a couple of examples below:


    > I love when a guy shoves my face down onto his huge cock and I puke up slime.
    Then he slaps the shit out of me while I slurp it back up.

    > Sounds like heaven to me!

    > That’s exactly what I like doing. Love making a guy puke up all over my cock.

    > We are so in tune with each other.


    > Any suggestions on how I can make sure I produce enough throat slime so my
    feeder is please with how much is running out of my mouth and he has plenty to
    smear all over my face, head, and any place else he pleases?

  4. That’s really interesting. I had been wondering why there wasn’t a gay equivalent of the “Facial Abuse” site.

    1. I wonder if that means there’s a gap in the market for the gay version of “swirlie girls” now because that site’s really just adorable. :-/

  5. My goodness.I feel dirty for even reading about this.

    I hope the 2 dollars these guys got payed for doing this is worth the total loss of dignity they suffered making it.

  6. I’m a little embarrassed for Diego as that’s not much of a dick to be gagging on!

    In the extras of Fear by Titan you see some pretty intense gagging from Derek Da Silva. Wasn’t disturbing like the pics here.

  7. “The deliberately insane exploration of a fantasy (a lot of guys like being choked to death on dick) isn’t what bothers me. The use of the word “fag” doesn’t bother me, either. It’s how physically repulsive these guys are.”

    AMEN. This site is at least 5 years old and at the very beginning they had some D-list “porn stars”. I remember seeing a couple clips and they had the guys drink a purple “drank” ahead so when they vomit, it’s pretty. Oooh, look at Diego – they’ve gone lime green.

  8. What the FUCK have we got into? This is NASTY! I understand there is something for everyone but where do you draw the line? Anyone like just simple missionary sex anymore? SHIT! ohh I shouldnt say SHIT.. they will come up with a shit site.. Nahhh they already did that too….

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