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Diesel Washington Has Something to Say About Porn Stars Who Beg For $

“Bitch, why don’t you get off your ass, be a good hoe, and go make some mother-fucking money?” ~Diesel Washington

Social media has obliterated the wall that once separated porn stars and their fans. It’s a road that goes both ways. If you’re sick of porn stars and their “Go Fund Me” pages, wait until you hear what Diesel Washington has to say about it.

He even needed a blunt break from talking about these “begging ass bitches.”

In his premiere “I Have Something to Say” video here at The Sword last week, Diesel Washington tackled the lack of diversity in gay porn. Today it’s “panhandling porn stars” in his cross-hairs.

“These are normal, everyday problems. I don’t know how you feel your entitled to have people pay your way just because you do porn”

Diesel Washington always has something to say. With his editing today, he shows it’s both what you say and how you say it. In Diesel’s case, that mean with swagger. See you next week when “I Have Something to Say: Diesel Washington” stirs the pot again. What will he go off next time?

“I Have Something To Say” is a feature at The Sword offering those in the adult industry a public platform to express what’s on their minds.

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14 thoughts on “Diesel Washington Has Something to Say About Porn Stars Who Beg For $”

  1. CREST WHITE STRIPS work wonders Diesel . Damn your teeth are all yellow and stained from all the weed you are smoking . FUCKING ratchet looking washed up , over the hill , unemployed ” PORN STAR ” You do MAYBE one scene a year now .#DIESEL WASHEDUPTON

  2. ” pay FOR your way ” no it’s “pay your way ” and “all these guys that WAS panhandling” how about ” all of these guys that WERE panhandling”
    I think this dumb uneducated asshole fucked his English teacher in High School , because that the only way this idiot would have gotten a diploma.#TRAGIC

  3. It’s a mindset. Show your dick and your butt, get laid and get paid. After a while, you build a fanbase . You want to purchase something real quick. Easy way is to panhandle electronically. Right or wrong, I dunno, but I know I ain’t comfortable with the idea. Some are obviously

  4. I feel like I should start a GoFundMe page to get Diesel’s tiny bathroom renovated and expanded; he barely fits on his own toilet.

    I do like seeing Diesel’s “rants” on film and without the 140 character limit of a tweet. I hope he posts more often!

  5. Thank you – when Diesel Washington is the voice of reason, shows how fucked up gay porn really is – didn’t mean that as a back handed compliment, DW is the man. Can’t wait to hear how he feels about gay for payers

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