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Tyler Rush Has Something To Say: American Sex Ed Sucks

“Everyone’s body is beautiful. Own what you have. Enjoy your body and the kinks and the sex that you want.” ~Tyler Rush

In March, when the NY Times posed the question “When Did Porn Become Sex Ed?”, it was looking for a date, not disputing the conclusion. While very few porn stars embrace a role as a de facto teacher of human sexuality, one that does is Tyler Rush.

When it comes to the lack of proper sex ed in America, Tyler Rush has something to say:

STD’s are on the rise, STI’s are everywhere. You still have HIV escalating. People are thinkings condoms are going to work but condoms are 70% effective when used properly – and that’s a stretch for Americans to begin with.”

We’ll get to see Tyler put all of this use this Wednesday in the second episode from “Fuck You I’m Infamous” from NakedSword Originals. As for his co-star, we’ll hear what he has to say tomorrow.
i have something to say
See you back here on hump day for the premiere of Tyler Rush & Diesel Washington in “Fuck You I’m Infamous”.

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