“I Like Seeing You Struggle on It!”: Drew Sebastian Ravages Breathless Max Adonis

We love when you can tell how excited two guys are performing together—and that’s obvious from the start of this amazing pair, who sound just as good as they look as they grunt, gasp, munch and moan their way through nearly 40 masterful minutes.

Max Adonis has just finished his load for the day. He is tired and horny from handling long hard pipes all day. Thinking he’s alone, Max climbs into the bed of a truck and starts to jack off, but Drew Sebastian is watching. As Max lays back stroking his dick, Drew walks up on him: “Nice pipe,” he admires with a smile, then quickly assures the embarrassed Max with his deep, soothing daddy voice: “It’s okay…just lay back. You’ve had a long day. Let me take care of you for a while.” (Fuck, as if Drew’s handsome face and big dick weren’t enough, that voice makes me melt…and he is extra verbal here!)

Max Adonis, Drew Sebastian

Max Adonis, Drew Sebastian

Drew pulls Max in closer, stroking and sucking on his dick. “Fuck, you’re a sexy boy!” he grunts as he kisses Max, their scruffy faces bristling against each other. Max dives in to lick Drew’s pit, then marvels at Drew’s dick when he gets it in his hand: “Fucking beast!” Max gets on his knees to swallow down Drew’s hefty meat (“Fucking sweaty balls!”), side shots showing him gag as he tries to take every inch. Drew fucks his face as the sucker drools, spit clinging to his beard and falling from Drew’s thick shaft (this is so fucking hot!). “Fucking big dick! It barely fits!” moans a breathless Max (“I like seeing you struggle on it!”).

Max Adonis, Drew Sebastian

Max Adonis, Drew Sebastian

After getting his cock sucked, Drew bends Max over to lube his hole up with spit before sliding in his thick cock (I love how he grinds it on Max’s ass first, teasing him with it as he dirty talks). On the tailgate of the truck, Max bears down, spreads his ass and takes every inch Drew stuffs inside his hairy hole. “You want that dick? You a happy boy?” moans Drew as he grips Max by the jockstrap and pulls him in deeper. “Squeeze your cheeks!”

Max Adonis, Drew Sebastian Max Adonis, Drew Sebastian

Getting rammed in multiple positions, Max sits on Drew (the two kiss as they moan) and ends up on his back getting stuffed until Drew can’t hold back any longer and shoots his load all over Max’s hole. Max begs for Drew to shove it back inside and when he does, Max loses it and erupts with thick ropes all over himself. An amazing pair, and arguably one of the hottest scenes both of them have ever done.

See the full scene at Raging Stallion!


2 thoughts on ““I Like Seeing You Struggle on It!”: Drew Sebastian Ravages Breathless Max Adonis”

  1. Max Adonis is PERFECT! I love his surprised looks when getting rimmed or fucked. I would give anything to eat that hairy hole for hours.

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