Kane Fox, Xtian Mingle

‘I Like the Look of Pain in Their Face’: Kane Fox Struggles To Take Xtian Mingle’s Big Dick

I really gotta hand it to Kane Fox: The last year or so, he has been trying out his bottoming skills for the first time—and doing it all on camera for the world to see (that’s a pretty fucking brave thing to do!).

Kane had his first bottom-only scene last summer, and since then has been bending over some more. In his new scene, he flips with Xtian Mingle—a newcomer who we met last month in his hot debut with Lane Colten (who stayed nice and stiff riding him!).

Kane Fox, Xtian Mingle Kane Fox, Xtian Mingle

This scene will turn you on before the action even starts, because we get a great interview with Xtian where we get to know him a lot more, both personally and sexually. “I get turned on by the struggle. I like when my dick’s a little too big for someone to take right away. I like the look of pain in their face, but while they’re still fighting through it to actually take it. That determination literally just gets me rock hard.”

Kane Fox, Xtian Mingle

Kane Fox, Xtian Mingle

And that’s exactly what happens with Kane after the two engage in some hot sucking and rimming fun. Xtian drills him to the bed (which is where Kane seems to struggle the most), then plows Kane on his back. The two then switch positions, Kane taking control as he fucks Xtian doggy.

Kane Fox, Xtian Mingle

Kane Fox, Xtian Mingle

Xtian seems a little more comfy than Kane in the bottom bunk, soon riding Kane’s cock as he bounces up and down. The top pulls out to shoot between Xtian’s cheeks, then slides it back in as the bottom rides him some more before shooting over Kane’s abs.

What do you think of Kane’s burgeoning bottom skills? And do you like to see bottoms struggle to take your dick?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


6 thoughts on “‘I Like the Look of Pain in Their Face’: Kane Fox Struggles To Take Xtian Mingle’s Big Dick”

  1. I’m primarily a top so on the rare times I bottom it better count. I find smaller cocks more painful, they stab at the sides of my rectum. I want a cock wide enough to push on the sides & long enough to slide up past the 2nd sphincter.

  2. As mostly a bottom, I absolutely love the pain that comes along with the pure joy of taking huge cocks in my ass!!! Actually it is a HUGE TURN ON!!!

  3. He bottomed for both Cade Maddox and Tayte Hansen. With Cade it looked painful (and it was terribly filmed). With Tayte Kane seemed to enjoy it. It was an excellent scene.

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