I Receive An Email: Bi Guy Seeks Rentboy Advice

Do you have any advice for “Josh,” who would like to be a hooker?

He has exceptional spelling and grammar skills, not just for an aspiring escort, but for someone from central Florida!

Just found your site and read some posts and it seems like you’d be a good person to ask about certain things in the adult industry. I’ve been struggling hard at home (lost my job, my car, my home, had to move back in with my mom, the usual crap) and a regular job wasn’t paying the bills before I got fired for bullshit reasons. I’ve been thinking a lot about becoming an escort or a rent boy since I’m bi and love sex, but I’m not sure how I’d pull it off since I was forced to move back home. I live in central Florida and I know Orlando sees LOTS of business related conventions, conferences, or just wealthy guys on vacation, so I know have a chance to make really good money very quickly. The problems I have are keeping it hidden from everyone in the short and long-term while also coming up with believable excuses/lies to leave the house for clients because my family is extremely nosy about every little move I make and every person I talk to. Do you have any advice for me before I begin? Maybe useful stories or people to talk to about it? Anything helps.

Thanks for your time,


(Also, Josh, if you’re reading this, send me a pic? I won’t post it.)

20 thoughts on “I Receive An Email: Bi Guy Seeks Rentboy Advice”

  1. Go for it ! This is the best job ever ! No boss ! Meet interesting people ! Life Style life ! Freedom and Money. Get you out of the rat race of a 9-5 job . Only Great Guyz can do it. So no wonder all the criticism from fat ass men.

  2. “…but for someone from central Florida.” I don’t like Orlando, but I take offense to that considering I attended middle school and some high school there. Although the high schoool was shit, I learned alot in the middle school. Other than that, Central Florida can go to hell, the people are rude assholes and the weather is too hot and humid for my taste.

  3. Porn and prostitution put a price on sex. So, a perfect natural act becomes vile. Sex as love is supposed to be given not sold. Go paint some walls, go clean gutters, go walk dogs, go cut the grass, go take care of an old ill man ( no fuck here. ), go pic beer cans, go drive a taxi, but don’t debase your life. Don’t abuse of yourself doing this. Give you a future that you don’t have to regret or hide what you did in the past.

    1. Yet here you are on a porn blog…a vile, debasing blog full of images of men being abused and hiding their shame. Get over yourself.

      1. Say what you want about me. You don’t know me. But try to convince me that the core, the definition of porn isn’t being vile, depraved, gross… If porn doesn’t have this caracteristics than its not porn. Maybe if the fuck is presented in a “cleanner way” it would be called erotism. The limits between both porn and erotism are hard to define. Sex in porn is always presented in a way that debased the human being. This is the ” allure ” of porn. It’s that way because it’s necessary to tease as quick as possible those who whatch it. And you don’t do that with ballet and poetry…People, in porn are displayed as vile, depraved and gross. And, as prostitutes, are payd to do this. I just let they deal with their acts, their choices…The man, ” Josh ” asked for advice and I tryed to give him some. I don’t have to explain nothing to you.
        Being in a porn blog isn’t the same as put a dick in my mouth, spread my butt or give my butthole for people that I hardly know and than get the money promised as it occurs in porn and prostitution.

  4. Ask lollipop twink, Jake Lyons how escorting has fared him. He’s doing FABULOUS!!! Cost him millions of dollars in lawsuits.

    1. If by millions, you mean about $50k, then yeah. However, the bigger lesson from Lyons is, whatever you do, don’t work for the scumbags at Corbin Fisher.

  5. consider the possibility

    Well, pricing is depending on market. If you are in a market that has demand, then you can make money–else, if you aren’t, then you spend money on a “hobby.”

    I wouldn’t take this personally, but I think the majority of people in escorting are not in it for the sex–most do it for cash, and not for having great sex. Same with the majority of porn stars. Sometimes the shoots and sex work is tedious and not fun.

    If you post your escort ad online, you risk people seeing you; and if you don’t post online you don’t have accessibility to clients who will purchase your service… Also, You will not get many clients if they do not see you fully nude and your face shots. You need to advertise yourself in this fashion to entice clients. Also, discuss your attributes, in what sets you apart from the rest of the competition… are you hung, are you in peak condition physically? Guys want to purchase something they cannot get everyday.

    My suggestion is IF in fact you are going to have to offer ads online, why don’t you try webcamming first? You don’t get exposed to risk, and you do control what people see… once you delete your profile your content is removed from most webcamming sites(however, you may find cache images of your performances) There are plenty of sites that are for webcamming and you get paid according to you what you earn. So if you don’t perform you don’t lose money.

    Do you have a high speed internet connection you can work from? If you do, you can work off hours when your mom is asleep. You don’t have to have voice chat, you can do simple text instead to remaining discretely while working from your mothers house. Build up your finances first, before making longer term commitments to sex work. Most sex workers have side jobs or regular 9 to 5 office jobs to supplement income. Most cannot live simply off sex work alone.

  6. Brayden Forrester

    Don’t listen to what any of these anonymous haters are saying about escorting. They feel as though they are in some way superior or are in a position to judge, yet here they are reading a porn blog and enjoying the product the very people they are judging create. I am an escort and while there are many benefits to it like making great money and meeting some awesome people, there are downsides as well. There is plenty of bullshit to put up with, there are a ton a fakes out there who will waste your time, though over time you will learn to weed them out.

    However you should not start escorting if you think people are not going to find out, they will, they all will. Do not fool yourself into thinking you will somehow be able to hide it. Escorting is a lifestyle change and if you don’t think people are going to wonder where all this money is coming from you are again fooling yourself. In the end it is a decision you need to make yourself. There will always be people who feel as though they are in a position to judge you, but those assholes are not paying your bills and are not living your life, your journey is yours and you know what is right for you. Good luck and follow your heart.


  7. It seems to soon to use James as an example of the potential problems associated with escorting, but even I cannot deny that the misery associated with escorting fed his need to be “numbed” to the feelings of shame, guilt, and unfulfillment that he felt. In other words, drugs might have killed him but escorting was a contributing factor.

    As for the questioner, it is important to understand that there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. If you are concerned about anyone discovering what you do, (and let us face it, you are more concerned about the reaction) then this is probably not the best way to make money because someone will invariably find out and they will likely tell; particularly if your are looking to escort near your home. Something that is often overlooked is the fact that there are stresses that accompany this job and you will need a support group that will be there to help you process or work through some inevitable frustrations and feelings you might experience, so it is important that you make the decision to find that person(s) if you pursue this job.

    Additionally, several escorts claim to like sex, but liking sex is not enough. You must be willing to have sex with any client that is willing to pay, that includes individuals that most times you will not find attractive. You must be willing to be engaging, personable, and attentive at all times in spite of your client.

    Moreover, you are just starting out and that means that you are not going to be able to charge as much for your services as others who are more well known. You have to ask if the constant testing, preparation, working out (because you have to maintain at least a fit look to attract the most attention), diet etc. is worth it compared to the money that you will be making.

    Last, you have to be concerned about your future. When the economy turns around and you begin to work again, possibly in the same area where you escorted, there is always the possibility that a former client can be your new boss or co-worker. You have to be concerned about what those individuals will say or do when they recognize you. I hope that you do not choose this job, I hope that you find suitable main stream work for the reasons that TTY stated above, and I hope that you manage well when you do.

  8. Find yourself a sugar daddy, preferable one that is more than 75 years old. (Be sure to get in his will!).

  9. I don’t think it’s fair using Erik Rhodes as an example of way he shouldn’t escort. Erik was using a combination of drugs that his body couldn’t handle, escorting didn’t cause his untimely death.

    Escorting is risky and you will meet shady characters, don’t be afraid to walk away if you get a bad vibe from someone. Also after using the money for bills, make sure you apply some funds to education/career training so you won’t be in the same predicament again. Buying the latest gadgets and clothes is tempting but it isn’t worth drowning in debt.

    I would get your finances organized and see the minimum amount needed to make monthly payments to stay afloat. I don’t know the job outlook in central Florida but if you don’t mind have a bad mark on your credit for the next 7-10 years, look into bankruptcy. If you can afford to move to an area with available employment, look into that as well; possibly crashing on a friend’s couch for sometime.

  10. Desperate Times ....

    …..with lots of people considering desperate actions. I wonder though if there’s much of a market for folks buying these ‘services’ anymore with the bad economy. (Plus let’s face it, there’s plenty of folks ‘giving it away’.)

    1. Plus let’s face it, there’s plenty of folks ‘giving it away’…

      Yeah, except that they are NOT the hot ones.

  11. John, please don’t give up in with life. How much it would cost your self-worth and sanity?

    What other people would have told Eric Rhodes when he was in the same predicament? (i.e. doing escorting as a way to make fast money). I bet many people, given the chance, would say… find another way… give life another chance.

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