Let’s talk about cock rings. They’re not for everybody - but a lot of you out there love them. Some of you might be curious about them but have never tried one (try it, you’ll like it!) Regardless of your own personal use, you have undoubtedly seen them in gay porn. Wherever you fall on the cock ring scale, let’s explore reasons that men wear a cock ring and you may want to give them a try.

These rings have been around for centuries, originally conceived as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. Today they’re one of the most popular sex toys out there. Guys use them to increase stimulation during sex, make their packages look bigger in underwear, swimsuits and jeans, prolong erections, and because sometimes wearing a cocking under your 9-to-5 office attire is your own dirty little secret. 

How Cock Rings Work

Cock rings help to trap blood in the shaft of the penis, ensuring a longer, harder erection. The most basic erection rings are made from metal or plastic.  The most popular type is a silicone cock ring.  To use, place the ring over the head of your cock and move it down to the base. Gently insert one ball at a time through the ring until it rests snuggly around the base of the shaft, preventing blood from leaving your cock. If you choose the silicone cock rings you can put them around just your shaft, just your balls, or get creative and use a figure-8 twisting motion to lift, support, and separate both the scrotum and penis. These are the most popular type as they really help give you a rock-hard erection and can make you last so much longer!

Benefits of a Cock Ring

There are plenty of reasons that you should be using a cock ring, adding so much more to your sex life. They help you get even harder, give you more stamina in bed, and give both you and your partner a more powerful sexual experience. Sex with these rings is so much better than without.

Stay harder for longer. Look, we’re not saying your dick isn’t hard enough but we bet you’d be surprised at how much harder it can get! By slipping on an erection ring, your penis will get harder than you ever thought possible. This insures that both you and him will feel every inch.

Last longer. By constricting the blood flow through your penis, you actually increase how much stimulation you can take before reaching orgasm. It’s a great way to combat issues with stamina in bed. Even if you don’t struggle with premature ejaculation, you can turn your usual 20 minutes into hours of intense, pleasurable sex.

Have a more intense sexual experience. Cock rings actually make your dick more responsive to stimulus. Whether you use them for masturbation, oral sex, or penetration, your sexual experience will feel more powerful, and you’ll have a more intense orgasm. You can also find cock rings that are textured, or even come with vibrators, maximizing the fun for you and him.

They can stimulate your partner. Sex with a cock ring lets you give more to your partner. If your cock is harder, they’ll feel more during sex. Or you can use one with spikes or a vibrator to give them maximum anal stimulation. Aside from your own dick, you can slip a c-ring onto any toys you already have, doubling their ability to stimulate.

Cock Play Alone, With A Partner, Buddy or Group. Some guys like to host and have a collection of toys that will invariably include a variety of cock rings. Just playing around experimenting with cock rings alone or with others is a great way to get you in the mood and get the juices flowing. Sometimes it’s fun to wear one out in public, even if no one else knows. And if someone notices who knows what can happen from there?!

Enhancing Your Sex Life With a Cock Ring!

Erection rings have been around for so long for a reason. Men like their cocks and they’re fun to play with alone or with a buddy, plus cock rings make your erection bigger, harder and last longer. And when you finally do get your nut, watch out! It’s going to be awesome.