“I’m Sorry, I Have To Go…Here Comes My Helicopter”

Depending on how much of a life you have, Jeff Palmer’s bizarre and depressing freak show of a website is a source of endless entertainment. For example, did you know that Jeff Palmer has recorded a bunch of amazingly horrible dance songs? There are music videos that go with them.

I thought that the retired gay porn star’s insane website was all about AIDS conspiracy theories, but it turns out there is a whole page devoted to his “music.”

My favorite Jeff Palmer song is called “JP Is Faggot,” which is better than anything Colton Ford or Zeb Atlas has ever put out, and I am not kidding. Listen to it if you haven’t already.

And here are Jeff Palmer’s music videos. Are you all out of acid? “Rocktronic” is the next best thing.

And here is “Liberec,” which includes the lyrics, “I’m sorry, I have to go. Here comes my helicopter.” Jeff Palmer is flying very, very high.



24 thoughts on ““I’m Sorry, I Have To Go…Here Comes My Helicopter””

  1. I actually thought he would have looked worse by now, but that blonde mop on his head has got to go. I guess a steady diet of cum really does do a body good!

  2. CreepyAssCracker

    Hey at least he’s trying to better himself. I’m sure he still has fans. His videos are popular over on AEBN. If Zeb Atlas can do a music video, anyone can!

  3. Years ago he was banned from one of the nude beaches in Oregon because he was going up to guys who were laying out and would start blowing them.

    1. I figure Raging Stallion might have some sort of standards for professional behavior, but would be shocked if Treasure Island does, so I don’t know. Of course, if he truly was going up to random guys and just giving them impromptu uninvited blowjobs, maybe he’s too crazy even for the likes of them!

      1. Isn’t that how they recruit their actors for the Drunk On Cum series? lol

        Honestly Jeff fits right in at Treasure Island. If Treasure Island can convince a guy to have 800 loads that have been kept frozen for years inserted into his ass, then clearly Jeff’s craziness should be no problem for the studio.

      1. If a plucked queen like Topher can do a scene for Raging Stallion, then surely this mess can. But Raging would not risk hiring this mess. It’s obvious to every condom studio that hiring a well-known HIV+ model like Jeff would be a bad move on their image.

  4. Sounds like a perfect storm of pre-existing mental illness, meth-induced psychosis, and HIV-associated dementia.

  5. The music is….interesting. It’s all too easy to be dismissive, but you know, hats off to the man for doing what he loves, and sticking with it. And I mean it. Maybe a lot of people might think it’s not very good, but you know, maybe there are people who like it too. As for me, I consider Jeff to be a modern-day equivalent of Florence Foster Jenkins. That’s no small achievement.

  6. He looks…bad. I can’t even make a joke or throw shade. It looks like half drugs and half HIV/AIDS, when I see how he used to look…wow.

    Get some help Jeff. And maybe an antiviral.

    1. In his mind, it’s his life and he do whatever he wants. So it doesn’t matter what you tell him.

      It just another form of the negligible nature of the gay community.

      No one is looking out for him, and from his background in Fundamentalism, his beliefs are primary and the rest of us are wrong. Denial is a powerful thing.

      Jeff, in the past, has done club sex shows, allowing audience to participate with Jeff – disregarding his status as pseudoscience and conspiracy.

      Coincidentally, Micheal Lucas, has performed a live sex show on fire island this past week. With audience participation. :(

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