Jimmy Fit, Aiden Ward

In Case You Ever Wanted To See Someone Get Fucked By A Pool Cue & Foosball Table…

Bored of watching guys get fucked by hard cocks? Tired of seeing men get drilled by dildos? Well, you’re in luck because the boys over at Hot House just dropped a scene that features some truly unconventional objects going into Jimmy Fit’s hole.

For the latest scene of Skintight, the movie that’s all about DTF men coming together for the year’s sexiest calendar photoshoot, Jimmy can be seen sneaking away from a crowd of models with Aiden Ward. Once alone in a large Palm Springs living room, the two begin sucking each other off near a foosball table and using the table in a truly fascinating manner.

As he’s getting sucked, Jimmy leans against the table and quickly turns the twosome into a threesome. The handle finds its way inside of Jimmy’s fit booty and the porn star lightly moves on and off of the handle as Aiden’s open mouth services his hard dick.

The two then ditch one game for another as they leave the foosball table for a pool table. Once at their new location, Aiden kicks things up a notch by taking the thick end of a pool cue and shoving it inside of his partner’s horny hole.

If you’re a hardcore fan of Falcon | NakedSword, then you probably know the screenwriter of this scene based on all of these unconventional fuck objects. Ben Rush, the man behind scripts of major projects like RIDE OR DIE and Body & Sol, is known for his love of random household objects going the anal route with one notable example being Isaac X’s penetrative pool noodle from Bred & Breakfast: The Come Inn, so it’s no surprise that this project of his also features some wild toys.

If you want to hear Ben talk more about his love of anal objects, you can read our recent interview with him right here and after you’re done with that, check out some preview shots of Jimmy and Aiden’s bareback billiards bang:

So what do you think? Would you let someone shove a pool cue up your hole? What about a foosball handle? Let us know all your hot thoughts in the comments below and be sure to watch this entire Skintight hookup right now over at Hot House!

[Watch ‘Skintight’ ft. Jimmy Fit & Aiden Ward]


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