In Case You Forgot Why Jesse Santana Is Amazing

jessesagethumbWatch the powerbottom powerfully bottom for Sage Daniels in the debut of Golden Gate’s second season.

As teased earlier, Golden Gate’s second season stars Jesse Santana and Sage Daniels (as well as Tony Buff, Colby Keller, Chris Porter, Tommy Defendi, Riley Price, Ashley Ryder, Marcus Mojo, and Jake Lyons), and today is the debut of Jesse and Sage’s hardcore episode. The best part, for me, is Jesse’s body. Out of control. And while this is the first time a lot of people might be seeing Sage Daniels, rest assured that he is well-versed in being a total cum pig slut. I definitely mean that as a compliment.

What is also great? That they flip-fuck, proving that good bottoms can be good tops, too. Click here to watch the second season premiere of Golden Gate (and all of season one) on NakedSword. And, Jesse’s ass in the third pic down? Thank you.










[Golden Gate Season 2, Episode 1: “Unreal Estate”]

0 thoughts on “In Case You Forgot Why Jesse Santana Is Amazing”

  1. I’m disappointed that Jesse consented to film a scene with somebody who’s done what Sage has done. I hope this doesn’t say anything about what Jesse himself is prepared to do. I’ve already been forced to hate too many formerly adorable power bottoms because of bad decisions in this area. I’d hate to have to add Jesse to the list.

  2. BTW Naked Sword can we get more than a 42 second preview of some of this shit… I’m less likely to actually legally buy your product without a decent sample…

  3. This new look kind of came out of nowhere but I’m liking it… I always thought he’d be a clean cut pretty boy forever… he’s certainly someone I’ll pay more attention to now…

  4. To borrow from someone else — Face. Melted. The kissing! The ass! More kissing! Everybody gets fucked!

    I am properly teased, and when my internets are fixed, I will totally watch this.

  5. love how far apart Jesse gets those knees while he’s up on the counter. wicked hot.

    great first episode, can’t wait for the rest of the season! looking forward especially to chris porter/tommy defendi and tony buff!

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